Addressing misconceptions

Lisa Mahmoodjanloo addresses a crowd of Iranian Americans in Spencer, Okla., Friday evening.

EDMOND, Okla. — A father and daughter who are Iranian Americans and residents of Oklahoma are trying to educate others about the turmoil in Iran and the misconceptions they say some people have.

Thousands of people nationwide in Iran are demanding the end to the Islamic Republic of Iran, said Ben Janloo, of Oklahoma City.

“When they shot the Ukrainian plane down a few days ago — they lied to people — they said American involvement shot the plane down,” said Janloo, a graduate of the University of Central Oklahoma. “And then later on they said it was a mechanical problem. And then yesterday they admitted they shot it down.”

The evidence was so strong that they could not deny their own guilt, Janloo said.  He said the plane was used as a human shield in case the U.S. attacked Iran. One-hundred-seventy-six innocents died. It was deliberate and not accidental, Janloo added.

Janloo earned a master’s degree in political science. The retired businessman earned a Ph.D. in Human Resources from Oklahoma State University.

After 40 years of Iranian government lies and hanging Iranians in the street — people are now coming out to the street to target the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, he said.



“They were shouting, ‘Death to Ali Khamenei,’” Janloo said. “They are doing it this moment. Thousands of people all over nationwide.”  

The recent U.S. ordered killing of Iranian Major General Qassem Soleimani, struck at the heart of the regime. Khamenei ensured that Soleimani was given an unlimited budget to kill Iraqi, Yemenis, Lebanese and Syrian people, who opposed the interest of the Iranian regime, Janloo said. He hired terrorist groups to murder.

Janloo praised President Donald Trump for ordering Soleimani’s death.

“Everybody knows Soleimani was a big general and big terrorist,” Janloo said.

He pointed out that Soleimani ordered the Revolutionary Guard to shoot defenseless people when thousands of protesters peacefully went to the streets to protest the spike in the price of gasoline two months ago.

“In 120 cities he ordered to shoot from the top of the roofs, from helicopters, all over Iran,” Janloo said. “He ordered that and killed over 1,500 people — wounded 4,000 — and they arrested 12,000 unarmed protestors.”

The thousands of people shown mourning for Soleimani were not sad, Janloo continued. They were celebrating his death, he added. The Iranian government ordered Iranians to go to the streets to mourn Soleimani’s death, Janloo explained.

“They made all the people close their shop, their store. They had to come to the street or lose their license.” Janloo said. “… people feared losing their jobs.”




Some Iranians have made a deal with the Iranian regime to support Khamenei from abroad, including the United States, Janloo continued. These supporters are working out deals with the regime to return home whenever they want to, Janloo said.

“They are spies. If they don’t like the American government — why are they staying here — why are they working here?” Janloo said. “They use American benefits. Their kids go to school here. They’re using every benefit they get for their parents. They’re still working against America.”

Janloo said a large group of Iranian Americans are trying to identify those Iranians living in the U.S., using U.S. money and technology. This group is working to reveal and turn over a list of “spies” to the federal government so they may be deported back to Iran.

“A lot of them are speaking against America and are pro-Iranian,” Janloo said.

Janloo’s daughter, Lisa Mamoodjanloo, is speaking up for brave Iranians. The Spencer resident coordinated a politically bipartisan event Friday in Spencer for the people of Iran. Several Iranian families called to remove Iranian hardliners from power.

Mamoodjanloo said she is frustrated as an Iranian American that people have put a deaf ear to the thousands of brave protesters in Iran wanting freedom.

Mamoodjanloo emphasized that two American and Israeli flags were painted on a road in Iran. She said the Iranian people have walked around the flags in respect for America and Israel.

“People in Iran are saying it’s enough. We’re not against America,” she said. “They are just fighting for their rights like we get to do every day here. But we don’t get killed to do it.”

Janloo has been in the U.S. since 1972. He visited Iran after the 1979 Iranian Revolution to overthrow Persian Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi.

“They respect America. They still love to come to the United States,” he said.

Oklahoma County Assessor Larry Stein of Edmond was emcee at the event in Spencer. 

“What an amazing event,” Stein said. “The information they shared — the Iranians who are now Americans — they have a lot of information from inside Iran that I wasn’t aware of.”

Americans of Iranian descent shared information from Tehran that had been ignored, Stein said.

“Now everything has gotten very interesting over there, and it appears there’s a whole lot more people trying to make sure the regime is held accountable,” Stein explained. “Who knows? It’s only been 40 years. Maybe there can be something internal and something great to happen.”

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