The Edmond Planning Commission voted 5-0 Tuesday in favor or rezoning from single family to residential planned unit development for Town Square Commons, LLC.

Caleb McCaleb was the applicant for the plat located north of Danforth Road and one half mile west of Sooner Road.

“There will not be a street connection from the existing Church Street into this area but there is a pedestrian/bicycle and emergency access described at the end of the existing Church Street,” said Bob Schiermeyer, city planner.

A gate for the area was approved by the Edmond Fire Department. All emergency personnel would have access to that gate that will have to be maintained, Schiermeyer said. The alleys will be private for the 147 lots needing to access garbage collection.

McCaleb has agreed to install an 8-foot fence along the west side of the property, although he is not required to do so. The other 163 lots would be standard lots only with public streets.

McCaleb said the neighborhood is being developed to reflect architectural styles reminiscent of the 1930s. Such styles are evident in the Oklahoma City Edgemere Park neighborhood and The Paseo.

Some people from nearby additions said the development is bound to bring additional traffic congestion to the area. Traffic Engineering Consultant Todd Butler said available traffic studies through the years submitted by ACOG indicates a 4 percent annual percentage growth applies to the area.

“All of our reviews and analysis were based on 2036 data,” he said.

Twenty years of additional traffic on Danforth will result in some delays for traffic needing to exit the development on a two-lane arterial street, Butler said.

He recommended that the developer adds additional width to the major drives of the development with separate left-turn and right-turn lanes.

Commissioner Bill Moyer gave credit to a Community Connections meeting and the willingness of the developer to make compromises.

“As far as the comments on traffic; traffic is going to be an issue,” Moyer said. “If we held up developments until we have roads to calm the traffic, we wouldn’t be developing anything.”

The Edmond City Council will consider this item on July 16.

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