The Oklahoma Department of Transportation still estimates that construction work at 33rd and Broadway will be completed in the summer of 2016, said Lisa Salim, ODOT spokeswoman.

“It’s too early to tell if we’re going to finish early because things can still happen in the project. But as of this moment, we are slightly ahead of schedule,” Salim added.

Intersection improvements will bring additional dual westbound to southbound left-turn lanes as well as dual southbound to eastbound left-turn lanes. Single westbound and eastbound right-turn lanes are included in the project. The contractors are Allen Construction and Shell Construction Inc., both of Oklahoma City.

ODOT anticipates that after Jan. 1 all three lanes for northbound and southbound Broadway will open at the intersection if this month’s timing of road construction continues to go well.

“The project will then switch over to more of the work on 33rd Street,” Salim said. “It will start on the east side of 33rd Street first. Once that area is mostly complete they will switch over to finish out the section on the west side of 33rd up to the railroad tracks.”

On Wednesday traffic on the northbound lanes shifted to the new pavement. This caused ODOT to change the timing of the intersection’s northbound traffic signal for better traffic flow, Salim said.

The general area of 33rd Street and Broadway is being maintained to all businesses at all times during the reconstruction of the intersection.

The city’s 20-percent share is roughly $1.1 million for the project. City funds will come from an allocation in the 2000 Capital Improvements Sales Tax. That is a permanent 3/4-cent sales tax collected by the city specifically for capital improvement projects, said Larry Stevens, city manager.

33rd and Broadway is the city’s most congested roadway, with 65,000 cars in a 24-hour period, according to the city. The intersection is also the seventh-ranked site for vehicular accidents in Edmond with 30 collisions in 2014, according to Edmond Police.

Salim said ODOT appreciates the drivers’ patience and believes the additional lanes on Broadway will greatly improve the drive for commuters.

“We think the city’s going to be really pleased once it’s finished,” Salim said.

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