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Clayton McKinney Evans






An Oklahoma City man was arrested by Edmond Police at 8:17 a.m. Saturday, after a dispatch alert that a naked man was running down the street, according to police.

Clayton McKinney Evans, 36, stands accused of a misdemeanor assault and battery, obstruction of police officer, and indecent exposure, stated Officer Kendall Miller.

Miller responded to  the 700 block of Sunnybrook Drive where officers found the subject. Evans was in the area of Candlewood Drive and Jackson Street, Miller reported.

“Officer (Jennifer) Haddock arrived first and told him several times to stop but he refused. She eventually deployed her Taser and was assisted by Officer (Roger) Shortt in detaining Evans by taking him to the ground,” Miller stated. “During the struggle, Evans tucked his right hand under him, so the officers had to pull it out and back behind him to be handcuffed.”

Evans continued to resist by trying to get up while handcuffed and on the ground, according to police. The accused was completely naked in full view of several adults and children at the park along with neighborhood witnesses who went outside to observe, Miller continued.

Miller contacted Evans’s girlfriend and was told that she and her boyfriend recently separated but that he came over to her that morning.

Evans former girlfriend stated to police that Evans is an  Oklahoma City firefighter who came to her house after working a 24-hour shift. 

“She stated when he arrived, everything was fine until he decided to take a shower,” Miller reported. “She stated Evans then got naked for his shower but randomly turned to her and said that he was Jesus Christ.”

According to the report Evans’ former girlfriend stated that after showering Evans decided to walk to his father’s house. Evans took off running down the road. 

“She stated a few moments later,  Evans became angry and repeatedly hit her in the face,” Miller noted. “She stated at this point, she stopped the car and tried to get out to get away from Evans.”

Evans pulled her hair and began hitting her again until she was able to flee, his former girlfriend told police. The police report describes Evans as a recovering alcoholic who started drinking again about a week ago. 

“She stated he has a medical marijuana card but she was not sure if he had used any today. She stated he is diagnosed with PTSD as a result of his work at the fire department and takes several medications for it,” Miller reported. 

Evans was transported to INTEGRIS Edmond hospital to be checked out, and was later transported to the

Edmond City Jail. He was later transported to the Oklahoma County Jail.

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