Danforth Crossing


Preliminary and final plat of Danforth Crossing

The Edmond Planning Commission approved 5-0 the final plat for Danforth Crossing this week. This item is located on the southeast corner of Danforth and U.S. Interstate 35. Danforth Crossing LLC is the applicant.

A planned unit development for this property was approved in August and allows a mix of single family zoning with town homes and office uses, said Randy Entz, city planner.

This item was continued from two weeks prior so that the applicant’s attorney, David Box, could meet with the neighbors.

The plat will still contain 99 lots over 38 acres as well as the connection to Saints Boulevard with public streets. The town homes will no longer have rear-load units from an alleyway along the southern boundary, Entz said. 

“The north/south cul-de-sac in the middle of the single-family residences has been replaced with through streets that orient east/west, and the alleyway behind the town home lots has been removed — indicating those units will have front load garages,” Entz said.

Box said the removal of the hard-surface alley and replacing it with grass, will help alleviate drainage issues concerning nearby residents.

A revision omits a street from acting as a conduit for drainage directed to the south, Box said. The new plan has streets directed east and west to collect water runoff, directing it to a detention area, he explained.

“As the commission knows — whatever Mr. Manek tells us to do as it relates to drainage is what we’ll have to do,” Box said.

The plat conforms to all zoning requirements, Box said. There are no variances and the plan meets the city’s subdivision requirements.

Drainage and traffic issues were the two discussion points when Box met with the neighbors. The applicant is prohibited from increasing the historic rate of water runoff that goes to the south. Danforth Crossing LLC will have to prove the point through engineering calculations, Box said.

Nearby resident Mike Eckman, of October Drive, said water will come flowing onto his property as well as two of his neighbors’ property.

Arbor Creek Homeowners Association President Mark Elsaesser also voiced concern with storm-water drainage going north and south into properties. He cautioned that a grating plan is needed to direct storm water flow to the north, away from homes. Guttering among homes is also needed, he said.

Additionally, the new development will bring an addition of 200 more cars a day onto Saints Drive, Elsaesser said. The developer has not proposed any traffic control devices, he said.

“When I say public safety issue — that’s what I’m talking about,” Elsaesser said, “because there are no stop signs or traffic control devices.”

Box disagreed saying there will be a traffic problem imposed on Saints Boulevard. He did not agree that stop signs or speed bumps would help with public safety issues in the neighborhood. Resident Mike Fightmaster said Saints Boulevard needs an additional lane.

“If you’re going to wait for the fatalities before you do anything, you’re doing the wrong thing,” Fightmaster said.

Attorney Kelly Work, representing Arbor Creek Homeowners Association, said nearby residents have legitimate reasons to be concerned about water runoff due to storm water already encroaching on properties there. Work said more detail is needed to inform residents that further development will not increase storm water conditions.

Box said all of the plat information has been submitted to City Engineer Steve Manek and will defer to the engineering department for comment.

“The grating plan that was suggested we hadn’t submitted — that was submitted in the mid part of December of last year,” Box said.

Engineer Mark Grubbs said he cannot release more water to the south than what historically flows there today. Grubbs said he provided additional information to Manek on Tuesday that water runoff would not be increase to the south.

This item will go before the Edmond City Council on Feb. 20.

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