driver note

A student was given this note by an Edmond Public Schools bus driver. After an investigation by Edmond Police no charges were filed.

EDMOND, Okla. — An Edmond Public Schools bus driver was investigated by police but was not charged with any wrongdoing regarding a note he passed on to a student of Edmond Public Schools on Jan. 31, according to police.

(Editor's Note: In order for readers to have a better understanding of the Edmond Police Department investigation, the following statement was added to our original story.)

Edmond Police spokeswoman Emily Ward said, “Edmond Police detectives specializing in crimes against children conducted an extensive investigation into the background and intentions of the suspect. Through that process detectives have determined that the suspect had no criminal objectives. The case has been closed and no charges will be filed. It is our knowledge that the suspect is no longer employed with Edmond Public Schools.” 

Ward said a mother approached broadcast media before police began an investigation because of her concern with the nature of the note to her child. Ward said detectives went through the man's phone and investigated other items before closing the case.

Results of an investigation done by Edmond School District found the note to not be illegal, but it was considered inappropriate, said district spokesperson Susan Parks-Schlepp.

“A bus driver gave a handwritten note to a teen seeking the student’s and his parent’s permission to spend more time with him and his friends outside of the school day,” Parks-Schlepp said. “While the bus driver did nothing illegal, the district finds his actions to be inappropriate. The driver has resigned.”

Parks-Schlepp said providing a safe and secure environment for all students is of utmost importance to the district.

Officer Brian Glenn said in his report that on Tuesday, Feb. 4, the mother told him her son was about to board his school bus when he was given a handwritten note from one of the bus drivers.

In the note it states “Dear … (I hope I spell it right!) I am writing this note to you because as you know when school is out there really is no time to talk, just a quick hug. Then I must get the bus going, and you have to get on your bus. For some time I have been wanting to talk to you about spending some time together — you, and I, and, maybe with some other friends of yours, like … what do you think? Of course it would be with the okay from your parents. I really want to be friends with you, and every once in a while hang out together to talk, play, etc. Yes! I am a grown-up, but I like friendship with kids like you. Tell me what you think, no pressure though! Love, …”

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