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Edmond Police spokeswoman Emily Ward speaks about Edmond home invasions.

EDMOND, Okla. — A 20-year-old man was the victim of a residential burglary and assault with a deadly weapon early Wednesday morning at 209 E. Ayers Street, said Emily Ward, Edmond Police spokeswoman. This was the second home invasion in Edmond in two days.

The home invasions leave police in search of clues. The first home invasion occurred Tuesday at 4417 Rhode Island Ave.

Police were notified of the home invasion on Ayers after two or possibly three males broke through the front door of the residence and held the victim at gunpoint from about 1:24 a.m. until about 2:05 a.m., according to police.

“Our victim stated that he was asleep in his bedroom and two or possibly three — what he believes to be African American males — kicked in his front door,” Ward said. “They came in, placed a pillow over his head, and began to rummage throughout his room.”

An unknown suspect told the victim not to struggle or he would be killed, according to police. A pillow fell from the victim during the struggle and he was struck in the face, Ward explained. The victim told police he struggled throughout the home invasion until the intruders fled the house.

“He was able to run to the front of his house in time to see a white, four-door vehicle leaving his driveway,” Ward said.

Taken from the residence was $80 in cash which had been located in the money clip of the victim’s wallet. Officer Kelsey Duncan noted that the wallet, which was located near the residence’s front door, had another $1,700 in cash that remained untouched.

Ward said the victim delayed notifying police immediately of the home invasion. He stated that he called his parents first, according to police. Ward said the victim could have been in shock and unsure what to do.

“In any kind of crime, especially if something violent like this happens, call us immediately,” Ward said.

One of the responding officers stated he had stopped a vehicle fitting the description of the vehicle listed in the police report. The stop was made near the residence at Danforth and Florence Drive when police observed a vehicle without tail lights, Ward said.

“We’re not sure if the car we pulled over was our suspects,” Ward added.

The victim of the home invasion was injured with significant wounds to his face and was transported for treatment at OU Medical Center Edmond, Ward said.



Police are looking into whether Wednesday’s home invasion is connected to another home invasion reported to police on Tuesday morning at 4417 Rhode Island Ave.

“Similar in nature; however, we have no evidence that connects them,” Ward said. “But we are definitely exploring all options including that one.”

Shortly after 1 a.m. Tuesday, police responded to a burglary and assault with a dangerous weapon involving the theft of a motor vehicle.

The victim from Tuesday morning is unsure of the suspects, according to Ward.

Officer Dillon Dennis responded to the incident shortly after 1 a.m. Tuesday. Dillon reported finding severe damage to the door frame. 

The female victim of the home invasion reported to police she was in her room with her newborn when she heard a loud banging noise.

“She left her room to see what the noise was and was confronted with a black male,” Dennis reported. 

One suspect put a gun to her face and let her put her newborn on the bed in her room. The female victim told police one of the suspects pushed her up against the wall and door to her bedroom and asked where the drugs were. 

An unknown suspect jammed the gun into the female victim’s face causing her lip to bleed, according to the police report. The victim told officers she started screaming and asking (suspect unknown) to not hurt her children.

One of the suspects was described as having a black semi-automatic handgun. Each suspect had their faces covered, police reported, adding that the suspects got away with a 50-inch television.

No witnesses have come forward to police at this time, and suspects were unknown Wednesday morning. Detectives are investigating all leads to these home invasions, and police ask that anyone with further information regarding these incidents call Edmond Police at 405-359-4420.

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