An alleged domestic assault involving strangulation resulted in Edmond Police recommending that state charges be issued against an Edmond man on Saturday.

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City Manager Larry Stevens has selected Deputy Chief Tim Dorsey to the be the Interim Chief, effective upon the Feb. 3 retirement of Police Chief Bob Ricks.

A Burglary in Second Degree incident occurred to a residence located on Shortgrass Road in Edmond’s Coffee Creek addition on Thursday, Oct. 27, said Jenny Wagnon, Edmond Police spokeswoman. The suspect is unknown.

The manhunt and killing spree for fugitive Michael Dale Vance, 38, of Chandler is over. Vance was shot to death late Sunday evening by members of the Oklahoma Highway Patrol.


The Edmond Police Department received a complaint on July 23 of an incident that took place at Arcadia Lake involving one of the Edmond Police Department officers, said Jenny Wagnon, spokesperson with the Edmond Police Department.


Edmond Police filed charges on two men with one count each for Burglary in Second Degree, Possession of Burglar’s Implements, Possession of Controlled Dangerous Substance and Unlawful Use of Radio Capable of Receiving Police Frequency.

Two Edmond college students in the prime of their lives lost their lives four days apart this month due to drunken drivers.

John Hamm in a letter to state Sen. Clark Jolley, stated that his son Ryan T. Hamm, 21, was killed Aug. 10 two miles north of Asher.

Nineteen-year-old Jordan DeShazer was killed following a fatality collision that occurred at about 1:30 a.m. Saturday, Aug. 13 at the intersection of Waterloo and Broadway, according to Edmond Police.

There is a call for police to get out of minority communities, Edmond Police Chief Bob Ricks said Wednesday at an Edmond Area Chamber of Commerce luncheon.

No greater entity cares more for black lives than the police, Ricks said. Ambushes on police officers in the United States are up by 300 percent, he added.

“To me it’s a sad state of affairs,” Ricks said.

The NAACP reports that African Americans now constitute nearly 1 million of the total 2.3 million incarcerated population.

• African Americans are incarcerated at nearly six times the rate of whites.

• Nationwide, African-Americans represent 26 percent of juvenile arrests, 44 percent of youth who are detained, 46 percent of the youth who are judicially waived to criminal court, and 58 percent of the youth admitted to state prisons (Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice).

A 19-year-old Edmond woman is dead following a fatality collision that occurred at about 1:30 a.m. Saturday at the intersection of Waterloo and Broadway, said Jenny Wagnon, Edmond Police spokeswoman.

Dispatch received a call that involved two vehicles. Both vehicles were occupied by single drivers, Wagnon said.

“One of the drivers was confirmed deceased at the scene, Jordan DeShazer,” Wagnon said.

The other driver was Shuler Jones, a 22-year-old male, who was transported to Southwest Medical Center by EMSA.

The murder trial of Christian Costello took a new turn last week when a judge ordered him to have another mental examination.

In February Special Judge Lisa Hammond ordered Christian Erin Costello to trial for the stabbing death of his father, former Labor Commissioner Mark Costello. Christian Costello, 27, is charged with first-degree murder.

Christian’s family has stated that Christian struggles with a mental health disease. A psychiatrist at the state Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services has diagnosed Christian with schizoaffective disorder.


Edmond Police responded to a 911 call to investigate a report of suspicious subjects who reportedly had in their possession stolen credit cards, just past 4 p.m. Monday.

One subject was booked without issue on complaints of Aggravated Assault and Battery upon a Police Officer (21 § 650) and Obstruction of a Police Officer (21 § 540). The other suspect is still not in police custody.

Reporting Officer Brad Griffin stated that he and another officer responded to the 911 call at Crest Foods at 2200 W. 15th St.

The City of Edmond’s Deputy Chief of Police Tim Dorsey will be speaking at noon Wednesday to the Edmond Kiwanis Club in the Cherokee Room of the Nigh University Center, University of Central Oklahoma, 100 N. University Drive. Lunch is available and visitors are invited to the meetings.

Dorsey has been a member of the Edmond Police Department since 1989. He has served in several capacities in the department including: patrol officer, field training officer, motorcycle officer, training sergeant, public information officer, patrol lieutenant, patrol captain and is currently the deputy chief of police where he oversees the operations of the department to include criminal investigations and the patrol division.

He possesses a bachelors degree from Oklahoma State University and a master’s from UCO. Dorsey is also a graduate of the FBI National Academy. He and his wife, Tracie, attend Crossings Community Church.

The southbound lanes of Interstate 35 at Seward were shut down Friday morning due to an overturned semi leaking fuel, according to Charity Shipley of the Oklahoma Highway Patrol.

OHP was contacted about the traffic hazard at 8:58 a.m.

Traffic was backed up all the way to the second Guthrie exit as a result. Drivers faced a nearly two-hour delay driving from Guthrie to Edmond.

Traffic was still being directed off at Seward Road. at 2:30 p.m. OHP re-opened the southbound lanes at 3:17 p.m. after the lanes were closed for six hours and 30 minutes.

Edmond Police arrested two Edmond men at about 5 a.m. Monday for Possession of Marijuana with Intent, three counts of Possession of Firearm while committing a Felony (including an AR-15), Possession of Heroin, Proceeds (several thousand dollars), Paraphernalia and Sched II Controlled Dangerous Substance, said Jenny Monroe, Edmond Police spokeswoman.

Officer JT Albright stopped a vehicle on traffic at 400 S. I-35 Frontage Road. Nathaniel Lawrence Box Bowman, 21, and Taevyon Latrell Warren, 20, were arrested for the offenses, according to Edmond Police.

Albright stated in his police report that he was driving eastbound toward Second Street and Interstate 35 when he saw a Silver Mitsubishi fail to signal at least 50 feet before changing into the southbound turn lane to West Frontage Road.

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A female driver missed the brake pedal and instead hit the accelerator causing her vehicle to crash into the One Cafe during the noon lunch hour Monday, said Jenny Wagon, Edmond Police spokeswoman. No injuries were reported at the crash site located at 122 E. 15th St.

“I do not believe she will be ticketed. It’s private property,” Wagnon said. “I don’t think there are any charges that want to be pursued on that end.”

The crash did cause a shock when it damaged part of the wall causing brick and window damage, said Gary Tennyson, a patron of the cafe. He was sitting close to the window but not near enough to be hit by the car.

“I was in there and it was over with before I knew what happened,” Tennyson said. “It was one of those things when you look over your shoulder and say ‘Wow.’”

The matter will likely be settled by insurance companies, Wagnon said.

Second from left, Maj. Ed Pulido, U.S. Army (Ret.) and Sr. VP of the Folds of Honor Foundation, receives a check from Kay Stevens with Jake’s Fireworks to be used for educational support to spouses and children of America’s fallen and wounded soldiers.

Pastor Paul Blair’s wife Cynthia was the recipient of harassing text messages when Blair was out of town, according to Edmond Police.

Officer James Teel reported that he was dispatched to call Blair about some harassing text messages his wife had received. Teel stated he attempted to call Blair at 9:32 a.m. May 31 and he was able to speak with his church secretary at Fairview Baptist Church.

At the time Blair was not available to talk with Teel about the harassing messages, Teel reported. But he was able to speak with Blair June 1 and learned from Blair that his wife received the message on Facebook May 28, according to the report.

Teel reported the following message:


The use of rifles as a training weapon and its possible use in the field has been standard practice for Edmond Police for several years, said Jenny Wagnon, Edmond Police spokeswoman.

Oklahoma City Police Chief Bill Citty on Monday said the two deadly ambush attacks on police officers in Baton Rouge and Dallas changed his mind about letting Oklahoma City officers carry rifles for greater protection. Rifles are now being issued.

Rifles are issued to all officers at the Edmond Police Academy. Wagnon said the benefit of the rifle is it creates distance between the officer and the suspect. Rifles are more accurate when firing a weapon.


The Dallas sniper attack that killed five police officers at an otherwise peaceful protest has brought the thoughts and prayers from Oklahoma’s national leaders. Two civilians were also injured in the attack as the crowd scattered in panic to avoid injury.

Consternation about how some police police officers use firearms across the nation led to the protest after videos were made public of two black men shot by police in Minnesota and Louisiana.

“I am overcome with incredible grief following the horrific ambush attack on police in Dallas,” said U.S. Sen. James Lankford, R-Edmond. “I pray for the victims, their families and the entire City of Dallas. This is an anxious time for all law enforcement and their families. I also pray for national unity and peace.”

Edmond police arrested an Edmond resident with the same first and last name of a man from Ada who authorities say had an outstanding warrant on which the local man was held in jail for two days.

The identity mix-up came to light this week when a relative of Richard Chad Brown of Edmond called The Edmond Sun to say he was wrongly detained June 7 on the arrest warrant from Pontotoc County.

Pontotoc County Sheriff John Christian confirmed his office had issued an arrest warrant on a bogus check charge against a Richard Brown of Ada, not Richard Chad Brown of Edmond.

WASHINGTON, DC — The State Department is reopening an internal investigation of possible mishandling of classified information by Hillary Clinton and top aides.

Spokesman John Kirby says the emails probe is restarting now that the Justice Department isn’t pursuing a criminal prosecution. The State Department suspended its review in April to avoid interfering with the FBI’s inquiry.

Kirby set no deadline for the investigation’s completion. Clinton was secretary of state until early 2013. Most of her top advisers left shortly thereafter.

OKLAHOMA CITY — Paul Harold Doughty, 67, of Edmond, the former president and chairman of First State Bank of Altus (FSB), was convicted July 1 on 10 charges of bank fraud, conspiracy to commit bank fraud, misapplication of bank funds, making a false bank entry, and unauthorized issuance of a bank loan in connection with FSB and various loan schemes, announced Mark A. Yancey, Acting United States Attorney for the Western District of Oklahoma.

On April 14, 2016, Fred Don Anderson, 67, of Eagle Point, Ore., pleaded guilty to one count of conspiring with Doughty to commit bank fraud. Anderson partnered with Doughty in several businesses headquartered in Altus. In July 2009, state banking regulators closed FSB due to the bank’s loan losses, and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation was appointed as the bank’s receiver, Yancey stated.


Independence Day enthusiasts had a short-lived fireworks display Monday evening at the south side parking lot of the University of Central Oklahoma Liberal Arts building.

Edmond Police Sgt. James Hamm said about 15 minutes into the evening fireworks display a firework went up low into the air and exploded too soon. Half of the show fired.

“Evidently when that happened it set off some other fireworks on the ground there where the display was,” Hamm said. “And whenever all that occurred there was one spectator who received a minor injury of shrapnel.”

The spectator was taken to a hospital in a private vehicle by the time the Edmond Fire Department arrived on the scene,” Hamm said.

Michael Sapp, 43, of Oklahoma City, was booked into the Oklahoma County Jail this week following an investigation of peer-to-peer file sharing networks by an Edmond Police detective.

The detective is a member of the Oklahoma Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) task force.

“ICAC Task force members served a warrant at an Oklahoma City residence, where large amounts of child pornography was discovered,” stated Sgt. James Hamm of the Edmond Police Department.

Hamm stated that Sapp was arrested after an IP address was tracked to his hard drives. Edmond Police Detective Misty Spence stated in an affidavit of probable cause that there were three hard drives belonging to the defendant with hundreds of child pornography images on each device.

Edmond Police continued their search for a hispanic male Thursday following a bizarre larceny at Walmart Tuesday night.

A Walmart employee reported the suspect came into the store with a dolly trying to return a kid's car in a large box, according to Edmond Police Officer Nathan Fountain.

“During this time the power went out in the store and a (female employee) had to tell the subject she could not handle the return at that time,” Fountain stated in his report. “She said the subject got irate and was eventually forced to leave the store.”

A large power outage occurred on the east side of Edmond at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday.

Fountain made contact with the larceny victim at 10 p.m. Tuesday at the Walmart located at 1225 W. Interstate 35 Frontage Road.

The Guthrie Police Department and the Logan County Sheriff’s Office responded to a botched robbery Monday at the Carl’s Jr. located at the northeast corner of State Highway 33 and Interstate 35.

“The suspect (Waylon Jerry Peltier, 18,) had driven a van to the Carl’s Jr. drive-thru service window and attempted to rob the business,” according to Det. Greg Valencia of the Logan County Sheriff’s Office. “The suspect drove away after the employees closed the window and refused to open it again.”

Valencia noted that Peltier drove the van eastbound on highway 33 and continued east on highway 105. Valencia stated that Peltier stopped his vehicle on highway 105 where a citizen was changing a tire.

“The suspect, who was wearing concealing clothing, then robbed the citizen of $30 at gunpoint,” Valencia continued. “The suspect then left in his van headed eastbound on highway 105.”

Law enforcement reported seeing Peltier in the area of SH105 and Anderson Road. Peltier drove his vehicle off the roadway and went through several private properties in order to evade authorities, Valencia stated.

“A perimeter of the area was established and a Logan County K9 was deployed to track the suspect after the suspect abandoned his vehicle,” Valencia stated. “Peltier was taken into custody at 8151 Hilltop Lane after he asked the homeowner to call First Capital Trolley but the home owner called 911 instead.”

Valencia pointed out both the van and firearm were verified as stolen. Peltier is in the Logan County Jail on charges of Robbery with a Firearm and Receiving/Concealing Stolen Property.

An Edmond man was a victim of a fatality collision that occurred at about 4 p.m. Sunday at the intersection of Waterloo Road and State Highway 74, according to the Oklahoma Highway Patrol (OHP). The site of the incident was about five miles south of Guthrie in Logan County.

Trooper Kelton Hayes noted in his report that the victim, Gerald D. Hanneman, 55, was driving a black 2013 Harley Davidson and was transported by Deer Creek emergency services to OU Medical Center in Oklahoma City.

Hanneman was pronounced dead by Dr. Victor Davis at 4:34 p.m. due to massive injuries sustained in the collision.

“Vehicle 1 (Hanneman) was traveling southbound on SH74,” Hayes reported.

An early morning fight Saturday in the 400 block of West Second Street resulted in charges of assault and/or battery with a dangerous weapon.

Officer Dillon Dennis stated he was dispatched to the scene at 1:45 a.m. to find the male adult victim sitting on his porch with a lot of blood on the left side of his face, Dennis stated.

“(The victim) had a large laceration on his left ear. He appeared to be very dazed while I was talking with him,” Dennis stated. “I asked (the victim) what happened and he told me Randy (Kurt) Kelly beat him up and hit him with a metal object across the face.”

Edmond Police responded to a 1st Degree Burglary call in the 400 block of Saint James Drive at about 12:28 p.m. Tuesday. Officer James Teel reported he responded to the scene.

Teel noted the female victim said she was sitting in her back room when a newer model red Jeep Cherokee parked close to her garage.

“She was expecting a neighbor, so she didn’t think much of it,” he stated. “A white male got out of the jeep and came up to her front door and rang the doorbell several times.”

She ignored the doorbell and said the white male got back in his Jeep, according to the police report. The suspect returned to the woman’s home on Saint James Drive a few minutes later, Teel reported.

Edmond Police Department arrested two burglary suspects Tuesday night. Kevin Bottler, 31, and Ryan Gattenby, 23, were taken into custody when officers discovered their vehicle full of stolen property, said Jenny Wagnon, Edmond Police spokeswoman.

“One of the defendants agreed to be driven around by our officers and show him where they committed auto burglaries overnight. They hit cars in Copperfield, Parklane and Chisolm Lake and then possibly went west in OKC jurisdiction,” Wagnon said.

Wagnon said that one of the defendants said during his arrest “Why bother with locked cars when there’s so many unlocked.”

Five burglary victims have been identified by police. All of the victims left their vehicles unlocked.

The police report for this incident was not complete Wednesday afternoon, Wagnon said.


As Oklahomans took to social media with their reactions to the Orlando club mass shooting that killed 53 and wounded 50 others, Edmond community members and local churches are holding family members of the victims up in prayer.

Life.Church in Edmond asked members to pray for those whose lives were touched.

A post on the Life.Church website states, “Our hearts break for all of those affected by the shootings in Orlando, Fla. We’re praying for everyone who has been shaken by this tragedy. If you or someone needs prayer please click on”

Two white males are wanted for forgery charges at Sam’s Club, 1117 W. I-35 Frontage Road.

On May 31, Edmond Police Officer James Teal was dispatched to a larceny at Sam’s Club and met with the reporting party. He took down the information and was informed there was another crime to report.

The caller told Teal that about 3:15 p.m., April 13, two white males entered her store and used cloned or stolen credit cards, purchased 18 phone cards at $206.48 each, for a total of $3,716.64.

There is a lot to lose for not wearing a seat belt.

A traffic stop for a seat belt violation just after 5 p.m. Tuesday resulted in the arrest of the vehicle’s passenger, Richard Chad Brown, for a warrant out of Pontatoc County, said Jenny Wagnon, Edmond Police spokeswoman.

“The warrant was for bogus checks,” she said. “The warrant was a no bond warrant. The driver, Jerry Orr, was cited for a seat belt violation.”

The fine in Edmond for an adult not wearing a seat belt in Edmond is $20. Additionally, a $65 ticket will be issued when a child is not buckled up for safety, Wagnon said.

Seat belts play a key role in saving lives and reducing injuries, Wagnon noted. About 100 people a day die each day in motor vehicle crashes, according to the National Safety Council. The lives of more than 1,000 people are altered due to injuries.

A Guthrie woman is hospitalized after a personal injury collision occurred at about 8:30 a.m. Monday. The collision involved two vehicles heading southbound on Interstate 35 near the 145 mile marker in Edmond, according to the Oklahoma Highway Patrol.

Shacarra Muhammad, 35, of Guthrie, was transported by EMSA to INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center. She was admitted in stable condition with neck and spinal injuries, according to Trooper Nicholas Oliver.

Neither Guthrie’s 29-year-old Jacob Hitchcock nor his 18-year-old passenger Jessie Carter were injured. According to the OHP, the rear tire of Hitchcock’s 2004 Ford box truck ruptured while heading southbound on the outside lane of I-35.

Hitchcock’s truck swerved to the left and struck a 2004 Ford pickup driven by Muhammad, according to OHP.

Edmond Police have identified Brandon Lee Eason, 26, as one of four suspects in the Memorial Day robbery of Whataburger, located at 401 S. Broadway.

Four men with guns robbed the Whataburger at 4:30 a.m., leaving one 64-year-old male employee injured. The employee was taken to OU Medical Center Edmond for treatment and recovery.

Eason was arrested while dogs were searching for the other three robbers who escaped with $2,123, according to police.

Two fires in Edmond over the weekend resulted in total losses, said Edmond Fire Prevention Chief Mike Fitzgerald. There has been a rash of seven fires in Edmond during the last week-and-a-half, he said.

An apartment fire was reported in the 1200 block of North Chowning at the Kennedy Place Apartment and Duplex Homes near the University of Central Oklahoma at about 5:51 p.m. Sunday.

“There were no injuries. Unfortunately a couple of the residents had to be relocated,” Fitzgerald said.

A home invasion at about 11 a.m. Thursday resulted in the arrest of three suspects by Edmond Police in the area of Danforth and Bryant, according to the Logan County Sheriff’s Office.

“These three people broke into an occupied residence at 2121 W. Waterloo Road and were confronted by the homeowner,” said Detective Greg Valencia of the sheriff’s office.

The homeowner and the suspects got into a fight after one of the suspects pointed a gun, Valencia said. The homeowner managed to break free and as he went to get a firearm, the two male subjects left the home

Two inmate deaths at the Oklahoma County Jail last weekend and the escape of a jail inmate Tuesday prompted state Rep. Mike Christian to call for Oklahoma County Sheriff John Whetsel to resign from office.

Christian held a press conference Tuesday at the Oklahoma state Capitol.

Voters will decide the fate of the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s office when they go to the polls. If Republican Christian wants the job as Oklahoma County Sheriff he must be victorious over Democrat incumbent Whetsel Nov. 8.

The son of slain Oklahoma Labor Commissioner Mark Costello was ordered Wednesday to have a competency test.

In February Special Judge Lisa Hammond ordered Christian Erin Costello to trial for the stabbing death of his father. Costello, 27, is charged with first-degree murder.

Christian’s family has stated that Christian struggles with a mental health disease. In November, his defense team described Christian as “very remorseful” of his father’s death.

A former Edmond comptroller received a sentence of 18 months in prison Friday for embezzlement and signing a false tax return, according to Mark A. Yancey, Acting United States Attorney for the Western District of Oklahoma.

LeAnn Marie Goode had served as an accountant/comptroller at Market Source, Inc. in Oklahoma City in 2012-13. Court documents show she pled guilty in 2015 to using interstate wire communications to defraud Market Source.

Herb Rettke was employed at the downtown Edmond Post Office on Aug. 20, 1986. However, Rettke said he was not in the building when rifle marksman Patrick Sherrill went hunting for his Edmond coworkers that day.

Sherrill, a part-time letter carrier, left 14 people dead before he ended his own life with a gunshot wound to his head.

“It’s been 30 years now,” said Rettke.

Rettke has been working to have what he said could be the final memorial service on the post office grounds for those postal workers who died and others who worked there but remain alive today.

CIA impersonator Richard Todd Carsins, of Edmond, was sentenced to five years probation in Oklahoma City Monday.

“I would just like to apologize for what transpired. I wasn’t in my straight mind,” Carsins said to U.S. District Judge Timothy D. DeGiusti in federal court.

Carsins, 46, admitted to the FBI that he has mental problems, according to the FBI. On Monday Carsins said his impersonation should not have happened.

A federal complaint was filed Oct. 9 on Carsins. He was charged in seeking to gain access to the property of Edmond North High School.

Edmond Police suspect a group known as the Felony Lane Gang is back at work in Edmond.

An auto burglary occurred Thursday at Goddard Preschool located at 6001 E. Covell Road near Covell Road and Air Depot. This activity fits the activity pattern of the Felony Lane Gang, said Jenny Wagnon, Edmond Police spokeswoman.

“We’ve made three arrests on them,” Wagnon said of a previous event in March when Edmond Police arrested three suspect members of the Felony Lane Gang, Wagnon said.

The gang members are responsible for multiple operations from Florida to the Oklahoma City metro, according to law enforcement.

An Edmond woman is dead following a single vehicle crash Sunday. The driver has been identified as Erin Gayle Thurston, 52, according to Edmond Police.

“Her vehicle left the roadway as she headed southbound on Broadway just north of Covell. Edmond Police Department Traffic investigators will continue to look into the cause of the crash,” said Jenny Wagnon, Edmond Police spokeswoman.

Thurston was driving a late model Dodge Charger when the crash occurred at 2:48 p.m. Sunday. Thurston was ejected from the car when it left Broadway and began flipping and rolling through a field and power lines.

Edmond Police have filed embezzlement charges against former City Utility employee Tessa Seales, 45, of Edmond, according to an affidavit involving Edmond Police Det. Jason Kushmaul.

“There wasn’t an arrest made. There will be I assume once a warrant is issued or she'll turn herself into the OK County DA’s office,” said Jenny Wagnon, Edmond Police spokeswoman.

Kushmaul reported that on March 2, he was contacted by City of Edmond Finance Director Ross VanderHamm, concerning possible Embezzlement by a City of Edmond Customer utility employee.

Edmond Police are seeking help from the public in identifying two suspects who used cloned credit cards at Allegiance Credit Union in Edmond to make 22 fraudulent withdrawals and in Oklahoma City, said Jenny Wagnon, Edmond Police spokeswoman.

“The total of their withdrawals was $6,740. The victims are from the Blanchard and Newcastle area,” Wagnon said.

Officer Kyle Stoy reported that at about 10 a.m. April 26, he investigated a possible phone fraud and spoke to the male victim on the phone. The victim stated that an unknown suspect used his credit card between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. April 25 to perform two false transactions to obtain money at Allegiance Credit Union at 1925 S. Kelly.

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