ARCADIA — Portions of the movie “Stillwater,” starring Matt Damon, are being filmed in Coyle, but crews will shoot for at least one day in Arcadia.

Arcadia Mayor James Woodard said it’s an honor for the town to be chosen for a film, and it’s not the first time.

“I often wonder what it is about Arcadia that people want to be here,” he said with a laugh. “Maybe the reason is that it’s a unique place.”

Ann Young, president of the Arcadia Historical and Preservation Society, said the crew is scheduled to use the restrooms at the Arcadia Round Barn on Friday.

“Arcadia is a friendly and picturesque town with an interesting history. It is clearly the perfect spot to film a movie,” Young said. 

Linda Simonton, co-owner of the Arcadia Farmers Market, said the studio will park its equipment at the farmers market. 

“They are also leasing McClendon estate property on the south side of Route 66 for other trailers, parking and support facilities,” Simonton said. “The scene is scheduled to be shot this Friday, but that is contingent on their schedule and the weather.”

According to online press releases and movie trade publications, the Participant Media film follows an oil-rig roughneck from Oklahoma, played by Damon, who travels to France to visit his estranged daughter, portrayed by Abigail Breslin, who is in prison for a murder she claims she did not commit.

The contact person for the film crew was not available for comment. 

Arcadia was also tapped for scenes in the 2016 thriller “Great Plains,” and the Pops restaurant and soda shop was featured in the 2011 movie “Bringing Up Bobby.”

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