Edmond residents continue to enjoy a high quality of life, according to 2016 results of Edmond’s Citizen Satisfaction Survey. The Edmond City Council heard the outcomes of the survey this week.

Survey results reveal satisfaction with the quality of government, city services and overall sense of place.

“There is a significant amount of data. Generally the story is good. The challenge is always there to exceed that,” said Charles Lamb, mayor.

Edmond residents gave high marks to the overall quality of life in Edmond with 90 percent reporting good scores, said Morgan Adams, a research associate with the National Research Center.

“The overall quality of life also rated higher in Edmond when we compared it to communities across the nation,” she added.

The City of Edmond has routinely conducted citizens’ surveys since 2000, making this the sixth survey conducted. Three emailings of 3,500 residents were sent beginning in August, Adams said.

“We received 1,085 responses in return which gave us a 35-percent response rate, which is an increase of six-percent points since 2014,”Adams said.

One-hundred-twelve respondents completed the survey online. The margin of error for the recent survey is 3 percent while the margin of error of the results from 2014-16 is 5 percent, Adams said.

Results were also noted for age, gender and housing and then compared to other jurisdictions across the U.S. and a subset of peer communities, Adams said.

Additionally, the results were also compared among the city’s four wards and zip codes. Doing so allowed the survey group to look deeper at the data, Adams said.

“Regarding aspects of quality of life, 96 percent of residents gave excellent or good marks for Edmond as a place to live and a place to raise children,” Adams continued.

Eighty percent of the survey respondents rated Edmond favorably as a place to work and retire as well as their neighborhoods being good places to live.

“All of these ratings have remained consistent since 2014 and were higher than both national and peer city comparisons. The one exception of neighborhoods being places to live was rated similarly to other communities,” Adams said.

Ninety percent of residents rated the overall image and reputation of Edmond above the national average when considering economic health and opportunities for education.

Eighty percent of participants gave high marks to health and wellness opportunities and to the overall natural environment.

“Three-quarters were also pleased with the built environment and sense of community,” Adams said.

The highest rating was attributed K-12 education and cleanliness, which had 90 and 91 percent respectively of good or excellent scores, Adams said.

“Both of these were higher than other communities across the nation,” she noted.

Eight out of 10 respondents gave high scores to the city’s air quality, fitness opportunities, quality of business and service establishments, availability of retail, public art displays and public places where people want to spend time.

More than 75 percent of respondents rated adult educational opportunities favorably. Three-quarters or more of survey respondents approve of housing options, the quality of new development, volunteerism opportunities, along with shopping and recreational opportunities.

“Not only do Edmond residents enjoy living in their city. They also feel safe in their community,” Adams said. “Nearly all residents indicated they felt safe, or somewhat safe while in Edmond.

“And this was a level higher than respondents in either national or peer communities.”

The survey respondents also gave high ratings to city government. Eighty-one percent of residents gave favorable scores to the overall direction of the community. More than 70 percent of participants gave high marks for city government acting in the best interest of the community by being honest, also the value of services paid for with sales tax and treating all residents fairly.

“About two-thirds also rated their overall confidence in their community highly,” Adams said.

Eighty-nine percent of survey respondents noted the city provides an excellent or good overall quality of services.