Sample ballots are now available for voters who want to get a preview of what will be at stake in the July 9, 2019, special election in Oklahoma City.

Voters can use the Online Voter Tool at to view their sample ballot and find their assigned polling location. 

Sample ballots also will be posted at every precinct polling location on election day so voters can review them before casting their votes.

The following wording appears on the ballots:


Proposition No. 1 ONG

Franchise Amendment

Shall Ordinance No. 26, 120 of the city of Oklahoma City be approved? The ordinance amends the franchise granted to Oklahoma Natural Gas Company, a division of ONE Gas, Inc., by Ordinance No. 24, 140 passed and approved on July 20, 2010, by amending the franchise to more specifically define the scope of the gross cash receipts from the sale, distribution and/or transpiration of gas for domestic, commercial and industrial consumption within the City, to which the franchise fee rate is applied. The ordinance defines the term (gross cash receipts or gross receipts) and modified the term (grantee) to include ONE Gas, Inc., an Oklahoma corporation, as the parent company for Oklahoma Natural Gas. The Ordinance calls for a special election for approval and acceptance of the amendments and modifications to the franchise and provides for an effective date if the franchise amendment is approved. 


Proposition No. 2 Amendment to Oklahoma

City Charter, Article IV, Section 8

Shall Article IV, Section 8, of the Charter of Oklahoma City be amended? Article IV, Section 8, of the Oklahoma City Charter currently provides that: No person holding office or employment under the United States government or the State of Oklahoma, notaries public excepted, or any other State, or municipality, shall hold any office or regular employment under this city of whatever kind or nature, except that members of a federal, county or state advisory board or commission may hold office or serve on a city, board, or commission). The amendment adds the words (laws of the) before the words United States to Section 8, and deletes the words (or employment) and (or regular employment) from Section 8 to permit persons employed under the United States or the State of Oklahoma to become city officers or regular city employees. The amendment also deletes the words (or municipality), and it deletes the exception language as obsolete since federal, county or state advisory board members are not (officers) as defined by law. Section 8, as amended, would therefore read: No person holding office under the laws of the United States government or the State of Oklahoma, or any other state, notaries public excepted, shall hold any office under this City of whatever kind or nature.

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