SendaRide, an Edmond based non-emergency medical transportation service, says it is offering peace of mind for families by providing door-to-door, personalized and affordable transportation for their loved ones this holiday season.

SendaRide offers the rider, and their family, the assurance that they will arrive at their destination safe and on time, said company officials. SendaRide’s Care Partners (drivers) provide a door-to-door experience, greeting their riders at the door and walking them into their destination. Each Care Partner is extensively background checked and trained in person. SendaRide’s technology is also what makes them unique. It allows the individual scheduling the ride to include any relevant notes, allows the rider to see a picture of who is picking them up, view the car and the license plate, as well as communicate with the driver in advance. It also provides the family with tracking information so they know where their loved one is at all times during the ride.

Elderly independence is important to help maintain quality of life and happiness in  seniors and their families. For some seniors, the thought of depending on a loved one is depressing. They feel they are a burden to caregivers; therefore, they won’t reach out for help and eventually become a recluse which in turn, brings on depression. Studies show depression can shorten your life span by as much as 10 years, and seniors are at an even greater risk.

SendaRide was created to give the elderly their independence. Whether that is for a medical appointment, or just a ride to a family member’s home, SendaRide’s intention is for your loved one to feel independent and in control of their health and their life.

To schedule a ride, go to, download their app through the App Store or contact SendaRide at 1-800-731-1885 or for more information.

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