Erin Goranson

Erin Goranson

Dr. Erin Goranson is someone you should know. She has a long-standing love of pediatrics.

“My youngest sister has special needs and I was almost 9 years old when she was born,” Goranson said. 

Seeing her sister in the neonatal intensive care unit and experiencing daily struggles inspired Goranson to become a physician.

“I never changed my mind. I really stuck with that dream,” she said.

Goranson will bring her pediatric skills to Northwest Pediatrics beginning Thursday, Aug. 1; however, Goranson is already a familiar face to many people in Edmond. She was a student at Northern Hills Elementary, Sequoyah Middle School, and graduated from Edmond North in 2002, before going to Oklahoma University for her undergraduate work. Goranson selected the Mayo Clinic for medical school. Her 2013 residency was earned at Seattle Children’s Hospital.

The board certified pediatric physician has previously served at Variety Care, St. Anthony, and Kids 1st Pediatric in Oklahoma City.

Continuity of care is her favorite part of being a physician. Her long-term relationships with families let her see infants mature through the years.

In fact she will be working alongside her own childhood pediatrician, Dr. Tony Leveridge. She wrote about Leveridge in her medical school essay. A pediatrician that knows a family well almost feels like a family member, she said.

“He went into practice the year I was born,” Goranson said. “I’m one of the first patients that he saw, and he took care of me and my sisters — I’m one of three girls. And now he’s taking care of my girls.”

She met her husband, Ethan Hulme, while on a blind date when she was a student at the Mayo Clinic. One of the reasons she moved back to Edmond was to raise a family. The couple have two daughters; Leah, 2, and Darcy, 4. Goranson also enjoys living in the same city as her parents, Rick and Lisa Goranson.

Edmond was a great place to grow up as a child, she said, and still maintains a nurturing environment for children in a family-oriented environment. She likes Edmond’s close proximity to Oklahoma City, she continued. Edmond’s hills and trees add to its quality of life.

Goranson said, “It’s radically changed since I’ve lived here. It offers a plethora of entertainment.”

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