Jordan Malwick

Jordan Malwick is seen here with his wife, Ashley, and children Owen and Stella. Edmond’s Malwick was recently accepted into the fourth class of the Oklahoma Conservation Leadership Academy. 

Edmond’s Jordan Malwick, partner and chief operating officer at High Spring Land Company, was recently accepted into the Oklahoma Conservation Leadership Academy’s fourth class of professionals interested in becoming leaders to ensure a sustainable future for Oklahoma.

Malwich is someone you should know. 

Malwick’s position in the oil and gas industry puts him at the forefront to develop positive change for an industry that may have a darker perception when it comes to environmental impact. 

“I have a passion for the oil and gas industry and am proud of its contributions to Oklahoma,” Malwick said. “But I understand there are things we could do better and many ways the industry can play a more active role in the conservation and long-term health of the environment.” 

Malwick said he wasn’t the only one in his industry that applied for the class in hopes to make a more positive impact on the environment. Instead, he’ll be joined by a small handful of other oil and gas career-professionals within the Academy’s fourth class. 

“Being a part of OCLA has already opened my eyes to the many ways, personally and professionally, that I can be a better steward to the environment in the hopes that my efforts will play a role in ensuring its longevity.”

Malwick said he wanted to ensure that his children and grandchildren will get to enjoy the environment the same way we do today. 

Malwick and his wife, Ashley, have two children: Owen, 8, and Stella, 6. Both attend elementary school in Edmond. 

Malwick said when he’s not at work, he likes to relax outdoors with his young family. 

“We like to spend all day and every day outside, whether it’s at Mitch Park or Arcadia Lake,” Malwick said. “We love to go boating out there. We really try to spend every waking moment outdoors.”

Malwick is also a member of the Edmond Rotary Club and he is a board member on the Parks and Recreation Board of the City of Edmond. 

Around 15 of the last 18 years of his life have been spent inside the city of Edmond, Malwick said. He began attending the University of Central Oklahoma in 2001 before graduating from the school in 2006. He then moved to Oklahoma City for a brief stint around 2008, before moving back to Edmond in 2012. 

The Oklahoma Conservation Leadership Academy, according to the academy’s website, is a year-long program consisting of field trips and educational opportunities to learn about science based-conservation efforts throughout the state. Each year, up to 40 individuals are selected for OCLA from a competitive application process. Once accepted, members are challenged to steward an innovative and environmentally sustainable approach within their own community, home or workplace.