Marianne Foster

Marianne Foster has made a lot of friendships as a nail tech at Sherri & Company Salon, located in downtown Edmond.

“I’ve had clients for the whole 20 years that I’ve been here. You’re just like part of their family and they’re part of yours,” she said with a picture-perfect smile.

She is someone you should know.

A resident of Edmond since 1985, Foster has two children and four grandchildren who also live in Edmond.

“We love it here. I love downtown — being in a small town environment,” Foster continued. “And I love my job because with arthritis and fibromyalgia, I can sit down and still work and set my own pace.”

Foster said not everybody gets to work near a fireplace. She doesn’t mind the work because it also includes her social life — work is fun, she said. Foster sees the hum of life pass by as she faces her downtown window.

Edmond is home, she said with a smile. Foster raised her family here, and her children met their spouses and chose Edmond as the best place to raise their own children.

Foster said she likes the cost of living Edmond offers in a city with a lot of fun opportunities.

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