The son of the pastor who was brutally killed inside her Oklahoma church says her funeral will be another chance for his mother to spread the word of God.

Services for 61-year-old Carol Daniels will be Monday at 1 p.m. in Oklahoma City. Daniels' mutilated body was discovered Aug. 23 at her small Pentecostal church in Anadarko (an-uh-DAHR'-koh.) Investigators say her body was moved into an unnatural position after she was killed. Also, a preliminary autopsy report shows she suffered multiple gashes to her neck and chest.

Alvin Daniels told KOCO-TV that all his mother wanted to do was preach about God. She drove 60 miles every week to Anadarko to hold services.

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation have made no arrests and released no information on possible suspects.

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