Paradela-Moreu jailed

Yohanker Paradela-Moreu

Edmond Police responded to a 911 call to investigate a report of suspicious subjects who reportedly had in their possession stolen credit cards, just past 4 p.m. Monday.

One subject was booked without issue on complaints of Aggravated Assault and Battery upon a Police Officer (21 § 650) and Obstruction of a Police Officer (21 § 540). The other suspect is still not in police custody.

Reporting Officer Brad Griffin stated that he and another officer responded to the 911 call at Crest Foods at 2200 W. 15th St.

According to a police report, Information provided by the reporting party indicated the suspects were leaving in a gray Nissan sedan bearing an Oklahoma license plate.

Updated information indicated the vehicle had fled north on South Santa Fe Avenue from West 15th Street. While pursuing the suspect the vehicle made an abrupt right turn into the shopping center located on the southeast corner of West Edmond Road and South Santa Fe Avenue, Griffin said.

Entering the parking lot, Griffin said he observed the defendant and another Hispanic male rushing through the east door of the dance studio and then they ran into a dance room with young girls and a teacher.

Griffin said he observed Yohanker Paradela-Moreu throwing what appeared to be wallets and financial transaction cards upward and onto a wall-mounted storage shelf.

After moving between the subjects and the children in the room, Officer Griffin said he told both Paradela-Moreu and his companion to get on the ground and both refused.

Griffin said he first attempted to take Paradela-Moreu to the ground and into custody by grabbing him and pinning him to the wall. Paradela-Moreu actively resisted arrest by turning his body and fighting through pushing, grabbing and strikes.

At one time Officer Griffin said he had Paradela-Moreu on the ground, however, Paradela-Moreu was able to regain his footing and flee out of the room.

Griffin said he reached Paradela-Moreu and dove toward him grabbing his ankle in hopes he would trip and fall to the ground due to the slope of that section of the parking lot. Instead of falling, Griffin said Paradela-Moreu turned toward the officer.

“At this point I was positioned lower than Mr. Paradela-Moreu and he began dragging me down the slope while also reaching for my holstered duty weapon. I could feel Mr. Paradela-Moreu’s hand(s) near my belt and holster at which point I became fearful he would gain control of the weapon and harm me.

“To defend against this happening, I began to roll my body to the right away from Mr. Paradela-Moreu as I fought to get back to my feet by grabbing his left leg and pulling myself upward.”

Officer Griffin said during this time the second suspect made it to the parked vehicle outside, placed the vehicle in drive and fled the scene driving through the parking spaces and narrowly missing him as he continued to fight with Paradela-Moreu.

Regaining his footing, Griffin said he began to push Paradela-Moreu to get him off balance.

“While doing so, I was joined by Sgt. Gregg Regier who assisted in restraining the right arm of Mr. Paradela-Moreu while I gained control of the left arm.” Griffin said. “Despite having his arms, Mr. Paradela-Moreu continued to pull away and push into us in an attempt to break free.”

Officer Griffin said it was with the assistance of a nearby citizen that provided the opportunity to take Paradela-Moreu to the ground.

“He was in the parking lot and upon seeing officers involved in the fight, sacrificed his own safety to come to our assistance,” Griffin noted. “Upon reaching us, he quickly grabbed Mr. Paradela-Moreu’s legs and drove his body into the ground allowing us to reposition and take him into custody.”

Officer Griffin said he was examined for abrasions on his left elbow and lacerations sustained to the left upper and lower areas of his lips.

Officer Griffin said he went back to Crest Foods and met with two female Crest Foods employees. One was supervisor of customer service for all stores in the area and the other employee had handled the transactions which had taken place at the store.

“I was informed (by one of the two women) she was aware of the use of fraudulent credit cards by Mr. Paradela-Moreu and his associates. Transactions were said to have occurred at several Crest Foods locations in the Oklahoma City metro area.

While she was at the Edmond location, she recognized Mr. Paradela-Moreu and the second suspect at which time she called 911.

“The other employee, during the course of her employment, completed two transactions with the suspects. During these transactions, a $500 gift card and a $200 gift card were purchased using what is believed to be a fraudulent ‘BB&T’ Visa card,” Officer Griffin said.

A native Oklahoman, retired school teacher Patty Miller taught journalism and English for 30 years before beginning her second career as a reporter for The Edmond Sun in 2000. She is a previous winner of the OPA's Beachy Musselman Award.

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