The Super Scoop ice cream shop recently merged with Not Your Average Joe, a nonprofit in Oklahoma City that shares the same mission as The Super Scoop in hiring adults of all abilities. Upon merging, the nonprofit saw the most opportunity to help people by marrying the two brands together to collectively be known as Not Your Average Joe. 

In order to lay the groundwork for maximum job creation, the nonprofit has decided to relocate The Super Scoop’s Edmond location to Not Your Average Joe Midtown and to their future Norman location near the campus of the University of Oklahoma. This means that the weekend of Sept. 28 was The Super Scoop’s final weekend in its founding location of 419 S Littler Ave. near Stephenson Park. 

Not Your Average Joe plans on implementing a traveling mobile unit to take their employees to work in the community. This model will allow for their employees of all abilities to spread the mission across the Oklahoma City Metro and serve homemade ice cream outside of their brick and mortar locations. 

Not Your Average Joe is a coffee shop that is focused on creating opportunity for people of all abilities. Their mission is to inspire the community by including adults who have special needs in the creation of exceptional coffee in an encouraging atmosphere.

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