Candidacy challenged

The candidacy of Ward 2 city council candidate Josh Moore has been challenged by candidate Matt Thomas. A hearing will be at the Oklahoma County Election Board at 3:30 p.m. Tuesday. Here, Moore is pictured with his wife, Shannon.

UPDATE: Ward 2 City Council candidate Josh Moore will be retained on the ballot for Edmond voters. Election Board Secretary, Doug Sanderson said a Contest of Candidacy filed by Ward 2 candidate Matt Thomas heard by the board Tuesday afternoon has resulted in the unanimous decision by the board. Full story also on


A Contest of Candidacy has been filed with the Oklahoma County Election Board on a candidate for city council in Edmond. Ward 2 Council member candidate, Matt Thomas has filed a Petition for Contest of Candidacy challenging the candidacy of Josh Moore.

Thomas and Moore disagree on the requirements for office in Edmond.

A hearing on the petition will be at 3:30 p.m. Tuesday (Dec. 11) at the Oklahoma County Election Board office. At that time a board will look at the evidence concerning the challenge.

Thomas’s filing says he believes Moore has not been a registered voter of Ward 2 for a period of six months, and that this is one of the candidate qualifications. Thomas states that he also believes Moore only recently changed his voter registration just before the election.

Moore said he believes the contest of candidacy has no merit. Moore told The Edmond Sun he researched the issue before he ever filed for office, and the Edmond City Charter — which governs this election — does not require the six-month residency.

Depending on the outcome of the Contest of Candidacy, a primary election will take place on Tuesday, Feb. 12. The general election for City Council is scheduled Tuesday, April 2. A third candidate, Larry L. Barnes, also seeks the Ward 2 position.

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