Thomas Drive

This architectural rendering shows how Thomas Drive will appear at Edmond North High School after the City of Edmond builds a water tower and the road is realigned.

The Edmond City Council this week approved a contract to construct a water tower at Danforth Road and Thomas Drive. The base by Landmark Structures was more than $4.7 million.

“It is considerably below what we thought we would be paying for that facility,” said Larry Stevens, city manager.

This company built a similar 2-million gallon water tower at Broadway and Coffee Creek, Stevens said. It will be the eighth water tower serving the City of Edmond, Stevens said.

The project is part of a $400 million comprehensive package of water and sewer improvements. Completion of the overall project will take five years or more, Stevens said. Construction on the tower at Danforth and Thomas is set for July and is anticipated to end in 16 months.

Just north of the Danforth intersection, Thomas Drive is being realigned to the east side of the Edmond North High School parking lot and the location of the new water tower. 

“The project will enhance better traffic safety and flow for both pedestrians or students and also vehicles as well,” Stevens said.

The center lane of three lanes to be constructed will be a turn lane. A right turn lane is designed to turn into the Edmond North parking lot.

Bid letting is set for June 13. Construction is expected to take four months. Stevens said the engineer estimates the realignment project will cost about $2 million with funding coming from the 2000 Capital Improvement Sales Tax.

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