City program

Edmond residents have the ability to foster a tree in a program run by the City.

The Edmond Urban Forestry department has 95 trees available this fall through the Foster-A-Tree program. Any resident living within Edmond City limits on a publicly maintained street can sign up to have a tree planted in the street right-of-way adjacent to their property.  

Trees are limited to one per residence, but neighborhood associations may receive up to five. People who have received a tree through the program in the past must have completed their two-year Foster-A-Tree Agreement prior to signing up for another tree.  

Registration is currently open online at, and will remain open for Edmond residents until all trees have been claimed. Each tree will be selected from a list of available species, and it will be planted by the Urban Forestry Department at no cost to the resident.  

Eligibility for the program depends on available planting space in the right-of-way and a commitment to watering for two years and protecting the tree from unnecessary harm. Participants will receive an irrigation bag for quick and effective watering, plus a Foster-A-Tree Maintenance Guide which outlines the basic maintenance guidelines expected of participants. Trees will be planted periodically in small groups throughout the dormant season.

Trees contribute to increased property values, pollution removal, energy savings, reduced stormwater runoff, and improved human health. By participating in the Foster-A-Tree program, Edmond residents can support local tree canopy and enhance the tree benefits experienced near their own property and throughout the community.

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