Fayth Kimbrell

Fayth Kimbrell







Edmond Police have taken into custody an Edmond woman after an incident involving a felony assault and battery on a police officer. Officer Torrey Rowe reported that Fayth Destiny Kimbrell, 22, was also booked into Edmond Jail for obstruction of a police officer and driving under the influence of alcohol after being stopped at 1:30 a.m. Saturday.

Rowe stated that she was patrolling westbound near the 2500 block of East 15th Street when she saw a silver Ford Focus weaving within its lane. Rowe followed behind the vehicle at the stop light at 15th and Bryant. She noted the vehicle had a defective right brake light as well.

The officer made a routine traffic stop of Kimbrell’s vehicle at a shopping center located in the northwest corner of 15th Street and Bryant. Rowe described Kimbrell as having bloodshot watery eyes, and a slurred voice when being questioned. Kimbrell appeared to be confused when providing three home addresses, according to the report.

Kimbrell denied drinking alcohol or taking any medication or drugs, Rowe added. The accused agreed to take a couple of tests to determine her level of intoxication, according to police.

“I observed five out of eight clues to include the following: couldn’t maintain balance during instructions phase, started the test too soon, missed every heel to toe step, stepped off the line multiple times, and had an improper number of steps (took 10 steps on the second phase),” Rowe stated. “When she finished her first nine steps, she didn’t turn around on the line, she started walking perpendicular towards her vehicle, and I had to redirect her back to the original line.”

After further testing, the accused admitted to having “two beers” in Stillwater where she was driving from, Rowe continued. Kimbrell resisted Rowe’s insistence that she turn around with her hands behind her back, Rowe reported.

“I told her again to put her hands behind her back and she said, ‘No please don’t do this, my dad is going to kill me,’” Rowe noted. “During this time I maintained control over her hands, and calmly told her commands. She finally did turn around, and put her hands behind her back, but as soon as she realized she was being arrested she began to actively resist me.”

Rowe stated she called for an additional unit to assist in the arrest. Meanwhile a small scuffle occurred when Kimbrell attempted to get into the vehicle to drive away, according to the report. The car was running when Rowe tried to remove the keys from the ignition, she reported.

According to Rowe, Kimbrell then put the vehicle into reverse until it struck Rowe’s patrol vehicle. Rowe continued trying to gain control of Kimbrell and the keys as Kimbrell kicked Rowe repeatedly on Rowe’s right leg, according to police. 

Rowe stated that she grabbed Kimbrell’s keys and tossed them in the parking lot. She was able to hold Kimbrell up against her car until Officer Walcher arrived on the scene and assisted in handcuffing Kimbrell, Rowe reported.

“I transferred all of the photographs taken on scene (of myself and vehicles) onto two CDs. One was booked into property as evidence, and the other will be included with the case record,” Rowe stated.



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