A woman who made a U-turn in the southbound lanes of Broadway Extension struck by oncoming traffic is the victim of a deadly collision, police say. The crash occurred just north of 122nd Street.

The victim’s name was 47-year-old Lisa Berger of Jones, said Oklahoma City Police Sgt. Gary Knight.

An emergency call reporting the accident was received at 11:16 a.m.

Knight said Berger was going eastbound on 122nd Street Monday. Berger was preparing to go south on Broadway Extension, Knight said.

“When she executed a right turn from 122nd, she turned a little bit too far to the left and got into the southbound off-ramp traffic,” Knight said. “And followed the ramp around believing she was going the right way.”

Berger’s vehicle picked up speed and reached the Broadway Extension heading northbound in the southbound lane, Knight said. It appears that at that point Berger realized there was a problem, Knight continued.

“There’s where the fatal error comes in,” Knight said.

Berger decided to make a U-turn in the middle of the highway, he added. As she was making a U-turn, she was hit by an SUV in the formation of a T-bone where the fatal crash happened, Knight said.

Only one fatality occurred in the collision and the driver of the other vehicle showed no signs of impairment, Knight said.

Next of kin have been notified, he said.

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