By James Coburn

The Edmond Sun

The Logan County Sheriff’s Office has placed two people in custody following a homicide, said Det. Greg Valencia of the Sheriff’s office. A third person is being detained for an unrelated arrest warrant.

An unidentified male suspect, Michael Ray Chisholm, 30, was identified Thursday by law enforcement officials, he added. The OSBI is assisting in the investigation.

Deputies responded to a stabbing call at 3:27 a.m. Monday. When they arrived at 8980 Ridgecrest Drive they found the victim, Adam Shane Harrison, 28, dead in the backyard of the residence from apparent stab wounds, Valencia reported.

Harrison’s girlfriend, Kylee Christine Arnold, 23, told deputies that the tenant of the residence, 28-year-old Richard Dean Bake Jr., had allowed them to stay at Bake’s home for a few days, according to the Sheriff’s report.

“In the evening of May 1, two hispanic males, Jesus Eduardo Sanchez, 23, and a unknown hispanic male, had gone to the residence. The parties were in the home and doing methamphetamine,” Valencia continued.

According to Valencia, Bake left four people alone in his home when he left the premises.

“Apparently an argument that turned into a physical fight occurred and Harrison was stabbed by one of the…males,” Valencia said. “The … males left the residence on foot after unsuccessfully attempting to steal Harrison’s vehicle.”

Sanchez and Chisholm were given a ride to a destination point outside of Logan County after they were picked up nearby the residence by Tabatha Vi Nichole Lehr, 32.

“Harrison died, apparently, as a result of being stabbed,” Valencia said.

At this time Sanchez is charged with Murder in the First Degree. Tabatha Vi Nicole Lehr is charged with Accessory to Commit Murder, Valencia said. Bake is being held only for a Logan County arrest warrant on unrelated charges.

Michael Ray Chisholm, 30, was previously identifed by the Sheriff’s office as a Hispanic male. The Sheriff’s office now identifies him as a Native American.

OSBI agents, Logan County Deputies and OCPD officers went to 2805 S.W. 33rd St. in Oklahoma City. Chisholm was located at the address and taken into custody without incident, according to Valencia. | 341-2121, ext. 108