To the Editor:

“It’s good to know where Commissioner Calvey stands regarding his desire to bring in an administrator to operate the jail. I look forward to participating as a trustee on the Oklahoma County Criminal Justice Authority as we decide who will operate the jail. 

Mr. Calvey continues to say that in the “last few years, taxpayers have been sued for $20 million due to negligence.” This is blatant misdirection, and a very loose definition of “last few.” Most of the lawsuits were filed from 2005 to 2015, well before my time as Sheriff. Commissioner Calvey knows roughly $16 million was paid out in relation to my predecessor not paying a medical vendor and various suits for outstanding medical bills to outside facilities. Something I had absolutely nothing to do with. Mr. Calvey continues to slander the hard working people of the jail by claiming the majority of those lawsuits were the result of physical negligence. The facts do not support his position.

Mr. Calvey tries to make political hay about an “audit” he believes shows the office is misdirecting funds that would have been better served being spent in the jail. Once again, Mr. Calvey is engaged in dishonest rhetoric. The Jail Per Diem study, was not an audit, and its specific purpose did not intend to capture the full cost of all jail operations. Ultimately, the study was just for the purpose of determining the daily cost of housing an inmate in the facility, and excluded costs spent by the Sheriff’s Office that did not support that specific purpose, items like transportation costs, and courthouse personnel.  Additionally, some revenues were offset in arriving at the cost of housing inmates. Mr. Calvey continues to use this study to convey a meaning it does not and that is dishonest.

It is unfortunate that I must focus and react on the never ending list of misleading statements a county commissioner continues to spew publicly. My office is more than willing to help educate Commissioner Calvey regarding the Sheriff’s Office finances, my door is always open. As a state legislator Calvey’s financial policies nearly bankrupted the State of Oklahoma, the irony is not lost upon me how he’s convinced himself that he can solve the jails financial problems.


Sheriff P.D. Taylor

Oklahoma County

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