TAHLEQUAH, Okla. — Young chefs spent the day inside of the Cherokee County Community Building, whipping up fresh meals as part of the 4-H Cooking Camp on Thursday.

The day was filled with an assortment of dishes, including, spaghetti, mashed potatoes, sliders, beef nachos, pizza, dessert pizza, pigs in a blanket, Oreo cake, salads and more.

4-H Educator Carl Wallace said the camp was a mess, but it provided quality learning for the participants.

"We did talk to the kids about food safety, about cleanliness, and washing hands," said Wallace. "We told them once you wash your hands, you're like a surgeon. You can't be touching your body and wiping your nose. So we talked a lot about food-borne illnesses and that kind of stuff."

The campers also learned about various cooking techniques, and nearly 20 different recipes were used during the 4-H day camp.

Chloe Crow helped prepare a fruit pizza, which she said was her favorite dish of the day.

"It's a sugar-cookie crust with cream cheese, whip cream, frosting, kiwi, strawberries, blueberries, pineapple, some oranges, vanilla and sugar," said Chloe. "We basically cooked a pizza and then another dessert pizza."

Some campers may have been envious of Lily Taylor, who had the task of making a queso dip and guacamole. Taylor said it was difficult, as her group had to wait almost two hours for it to cook, since they made the cheese dip from scratch. However, it was apparently worth the wait, because she said it was the tastiest chow of it all.

Now, Lily wants to take the skills she learned at camp home with her.

"Ever since I was a little kid, I loved to cook," she said. "I made cookie dough the other day for me to eat and I just love cooking. I want to cook a feast. I'm going to get together with my family on Thanksgiving and cook a big turkey."

The day didn't come without a few mishaps. Lily said a spoon was dropped and lost inside of the Oreo dessert, so she refrained from taking her portion.

Meanwhile, Harley McFarland admitted that pigs in a blanket can be difficult to cook; the first batch came out burnt.But for the most part, the campers enjoyed their self-made dishes.

Aliviah Stricker was happy with her food, because she said she loves spaghetti, which she prepared along with garlic Texas toast. Getting her hands messy in the kitchen has been something she enjoyed, even before she cooked with real food.

"When I was younger, I would beg my mom for a play kitchen, so one year, I finally got this red play kitchen," said Aliviah. "My mom's sister was into cooking, so we had all of these tea sets, pies, Velcro cookies and everything."

With today's world filled with cell phones, computer and tablets, parents might appreciate bringing their kids to a 4-H camp, as it keeps them from staring at screens all day.

Sarah Cole said she was worried about "more important things" during the camp, like her phone and table.

Harley McFarland then asked Sarah: "If you had to choose food or your phone on a deserted island, which one would you choose?"

"I'd choose food," said Sarah.