Housing starts are at an all-time low; home foreclosures are at an all-time high; illegal immigration is draining our resources; southern California has been devastated by a firestorm; and the cost of the Iraq/Afghanistan wars keep increasing — how much more can this country bear? Who of our “friends” are going to pitch in with funds to help this country out in a time of need?

The home foreclosure rate is having impacts elsewhere in the United States with some areas experiencing upward of 50 percent foreclosure rates. I will agree this was self-inflicted led by greed of mortgage companies but we still will feel the impact — both short and long termed. Fortunately, Oklahoma has weathered the foreclosure storm — hope that trend continues.

The Congressional Budget Office estimated last week the continued war in Iraq and Afghanistan will cost upward of $2.4 trillion through the next decade. The cost of this venture was estimated to cost no more than $50 billion — looks like things got out of hand with no end in sight. Now we are talking about stationing troops in those countries until 2017.

Congress recently approved an additional $46 billion for the cause with $1.5 billion earmarked to help Mexico fight the drug war within their borders. Why are we allocating taxpayers’ money to help this corrupt government fight their internal war? Let them fight it on their own! How about allocating the $1.5 billion and build the fence — would this not stem the flow of illegal drugs and illegal immigrants?

The “giant sucking sound” used by Presidential candidate Ross Perot in his campaign is not all going south of the border but right here at home. Kudos to Oklahoma District Judge James H. Payne for throwing out the lawsuit wagered on implementing H.R. 1804 — you did the right thing for the people of this state. The Center of Immigration Studies indicates the nation’s illegal population cost this country at least $10 billion more than they contribute to the economy — more than $2.5 billion in Medicaid; treatment for the uninsured $2.2 billion; food assistance $1.9 billion; the federal prison and court system $1.6 billion; and federal school aid $1.4 billion. The question still remains, what do we do with this portion of our population and what are our elected leaders doing to correct it. The “giant sucking sound” is right here — put a plug in the drain!

Southern California again has been hit by devastating fires displacing more than 500,000 people and destroying billions in property damage and lost revenue. Who will come to our aid and help to rebuild Southern California? We will be on our own again but will survive.

Let’s take back our country — let’s take care of our legal residents and if there is anything left over, we will help where we can — no guarantees! Let’s hold our “tin cups” and see what is contributed. Wanna bet the jingle in the tin cup is barely audible?

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RICK BARNES is publisher of The Edmond Sun.

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