At the end of May, all eyes were on the seniors throwing their caps in the air and going out into the world. It was an exciting time for everyone, especially for the class of 2009. But now, that time is over; a new time has begun. Now, the class of 2010 has become the eldest class in high school.

I went out to talk to local students to see what they had to say about being seniors, being in their final year of high school and growing up. I asked them what the main emotions are that they face as they start another school year. Is it fear and anxiety or is it excitement? Nick Jordon from Edmond North expressed both.

“This next year will feel completely different than the past years because we have college decisions to make and more freedom as seniors. I’ve really liked being a student of Edmond.”

Being a member of the class of 2010 myself, and having not chosen a college yet either, I can certainly relate to Nick’s feelings. For me, paying for college is another looming obstacle on the horizon.

Aubrey Robinson from Oklahoma Christian School told me that she still can’t believe she’s already a senior.

“I cannot believe that we are now going to be the ones walking off of that stage graduating. It honestly feels like just yesterday I was the freshman looking up to the seniors, longing for the day when I would be as old as them. Now it seems as if it has all come too fast! High school has flown by and while I look forward to participating in STUCO, playing soccer, making the most of my time, and graduating I can’t help but feel a little bit nervous. We are now entering adulthood and college is a big deal.”

It’s clear that there is a unified spirit of nervousness about what is to come next among the members of the class of 2010. Concerns about college fill a decent portion of our minds and thoughts about what it will be like to move on and leave the town and schools in which we have all grown up.

But aside from the worries, it is apparent that there is more of a spirit of jubilance among this year’s seniors than there is anything else. Personally, I’m excited to be able to move on and make my own way and take classes more focused on what I want to be in life and finally take action toward making a life for myself, not just thinking about what it will be like.

I think that Aly Overgaard from Deer Creek High School summed it up well: “Being a senior is that final growing up stage before you load up and move on to bigger and better things!”

CALVIN WARNER is a senior at Oklahoma Christian School and an Edmond resident.

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