Paige and Daniel

Edmond can feel like a very small town. Browse Uptown Market for more than five minutes and there’s a good chance someone you know is going to have a read on your dinner menu. Pop into Target and you’ll lose an hour catching up with people. It’s sort of like Facebook except there are actual faces.

No surprise then that Paige Koester and Daniel Collier both attended North High School. Not even a big stretch that they were both members of Henderson Hills Baptist Church. It’s a little odd, though, that they failed to cross paths.

And you’re thinking, “Hey, I know where this is headed. They meet up somewhere unexpected and end up getting married or something.”

To be fair, Daniel was a year ahead, in the class of 2010, and with more than 500 members of each class and four different lunch periods the odds are against trading desserts. And Henderson Hills is a pretty sizable church with four worship times each week, so those odds are against randomly sharing a hymnal.

But Paige and Daniel weren’t the first Baptists to graduate from an Edmond high school and enroll at Baylor. It’s not that weird that they both graduated in 2015; he was there an extra year for a master’s degree. And like Edmond, Waco, Texas isn’t the world’s biggest metropolis, so it’s understandable that they both went to Harris Creek Baptist Church while working on their degrees.

“Aha!” you say. “They get all the way to Waco and meet in college! That’s pretty good!”

But it’s a small-ish school and a small-ish town. Not too small, though. They managed to avoid each other. He was studying accounting. She was preparing to be a teacher. And Harris Creek has two campuses and lots of events. No neighboring lockers. No coffee hour chit chat.

And then they each did what people do when they graduate from college: they found jobs in their respective fields.

Daniel went to work for an accounting firm in Dallas. And Paige took a job teaching first-graders in Coppell, which is to Dallas as Arcadia is to Edmond.

“Wait!” you think. “They’re going to meet in Dallas? But they don’t work together. They don’t even work in the same industry. How can this be?”

The answer is Coffee Meets Bagel.

That is not an Einstein Bagel Co. knock-off, not a place where non-random strangers might bump into each other. It’s a dating app.


Paige’s friends were using it and last February, after much cajoling, they persuaded her to give it a try. She noticed Daniel’s profile and saw that he had attended Edmond North so she creeped his Facebook to figure out how she knew him. Because surely, she must.

Surely, she didn’t. But she sent him a message that turned into dinner and cupcakes, that turned into just friends, that turned into a date.

And in December, on a bench at White Rock Lake where he first said he loved her, she said yes.

The wedding is set for June 8.

Paige said she used to think that God would eventually deliver the right person for her. Now she thinks he was just sitting up there laughing the whole time.

“In my view, It was definitely the Lord,” she said. “There’s a reason we never met; we weren’t ready for a relationship at those points in our lives. I really do think it was God’s plan that we would end up together.”

Of course they ended up together. Thursday is Valentine’s Day after all.


© 2019 Ted Streuli

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