On our Sept. 11 meeting, the Board of County Commissioners approved an agreement with Oklahoma City Public Schools to construct a bus road at John Marshall Middle School. Our road crew has been working hard and have already finished the base lift. The project is scheduled for completion by early October. We hope that both parents and students (there are 900 students at John Marshall) reap the safety benefits from this bus pass project.

Oklahoma City Public Schools says the primary benefit of this project will be safety due to reduced congestion. Student pick-up and drop-off times (8:20-9 a.m., and 2:30-3 p.m.) are especially crowded. The bus pass project will cut congestion in front of the school. Cars picking up students in the front of the school will be separated from busses. The bus loading will now be at the back of the school, with exits on the side streets. This will allow buses to stay off the street in front of the school. 

As always, I am very proud of the great work our road crew does throughout the county, in this case in OKC by contract. The John Marshall project is a prime example of the importance of a well-run infrastructure. This project not only benefits the county but also will improve the lives of our citizens at the school.

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