Edmond will always have families whose fundamental needs are not met due to an acute emergency.

Our own gifts are unwrapped this Christmas. We have shared warm holiday dinners with family and friends. We hope for a secure and prosperous new year.

But for some expectant mothers, persons unemployed, or elderly having to decide whether to choose between paying for utilities, rent or food — the new year will bring challenges we don’t have to face. But we may have our own unexpected challenges one day. We are all vulnerable to uncertainties in life.

The Edmond Sun Christmas Samaritan Fund Drive reaches more than 750 client families of the HOPE Center every month. More than $3.846 million in emergency assistance for those in need has been provided by the center’s generous supporters since 1989. Added to that, supporters this year could make it $4 million.

The fundraising goal of $150,000 for this year will help families with temporary emergency assistance.

In giving we are blessed. Volunteerism and financial resources go a long way to meet a family’s survival needs.

I have seen sparks of confidence and smiles when parents receive food and clothing for their children. Thankfulness abounds.

I am glad there are young people who carry on the torch.

“Why not be nice? Why not be caring?” said Grant Huddleston, an 18-year-old University of Central Oklahoma student who chose to work at HOPE Center as part of a federal work study program.

The HOPE Center is the answer to the question, “Why not be kind?”

Today marks the last in a series of six weekly articles for the 2018 annual Edmond Sun Christmas Samaritan Fund Drive. Let us remember as we enter the new year that kindness is needed year round.

“It’s uplifting when you meet people for the first time and you’re met with the spirit of compassion,” said Lee Benson, a HOPE Center client.


(Editor’s Note — To learn more about HOPE Center, 1251 N. Broadway Suite A, visit www.hopecenterofedmond.com or call 405-348-1340.)

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