On May 8, Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean rolled out the Democrat’s agenda for the upcoming 2006 elections. Recognizing that Dean is but one of several voices for the Democrat Party, his version of the agenda has five points:

n “The Democrat Agenda for Real Change: We’re going to balance the budget, we’re going to have American jobs that stay in America, and we’re going to have honesty and openness in government again.”

Oh, really? How much do you want to bet? The last time the Democrats balanced the budget, Republicans were in control of Congress.

The last time the Democrats had a balanced budget, the military suffered greatly and was far behind where it needed to be to defend our country. Jobs that stay in America is an honorable goal. If that is so easy, why wasn’t it done while Clinton had eight years at bat? None of us will live long enough to see honest and open government (earmarks for example). This is just more talk about how life will be.

n “Ending the Republican Culture of Corruption: There is a culture that goes from the White House to the vice president’s office to the leadership of the U.S. Senate to the leadership of the U.S. House of Representatives, and in the agencies. We promise you that within 100 days we will vote on real ethics legislation.”

Again, the carrot and the stick rhetoric. People running for office have been claiming they will change to open and honest government for longer than I have been alive. Somehow, we end up with special rules in Congress that still allows both parties to spend large volumes of our tax money without any of us citizens knowing about it. Dean needs to end the Republican and Democrat “culture of corruption.”

n “Commitment to Balanced Budgets: Republicans, of course, have been the biggest spenders, I think, since any Congress that I can think of except during World War II. They wouldn’t know a balanced budget if they saw one. And the thing that is so telling about what the Republicans did, they got rid of this legislation that we used to call ‘pay/go’ legislation. That is, you can’t spend money unless you say where you’re going to get the money.”

It is telling for Dean to mention WWII. We are in WWIII now. Maybe he forgot Sept. 11. Maybe he forgets the shape the military was in prior to Sept. 11. How interesting to have a previous government employee talk about where you are going to get the money. They’ll get it where they get every penny they spend: From taxpayers. Who would argue with a balanced budget? Only an elected member of Congress that wants pork, or earmarks, for their voters back home! That is why we do not have a balanced budget today.

n “On Failed Republican Leadership: The truth is we’ve got some big problems in this country. We’ve got a major health care problem. We’re losing jobs. The economy is in good shape if you look at corporate earnings, but for 80 percent of the American people they’re struggling. We’re in a war that the president says he wants to pass on to the next president to fix.”

Yes, we do have big problems. One of them is the Democrats wanting to give amnesty to illegal aliens for votes. Health care is a problem, but it is impacted negatively with the large number of illegal aliens who cannot pay for their medical care.

We have big problems with Democrats wanting the federal government to answer all problems and all financial needs for each person living in the United States regardless of their position in society.

The economy is doing better for everyone. All ships are rising with the tax cuts President Bush got passed. All ships will sink if the Democrats raise taxes as they have done in the past. All ships will continue to struggle with taxes as long as we have an IRS that is bloated with a tax code no one can understand. We need to eliminate the IRS and deliver our tax money in a more efficient manner. We need politicians to get out of the way.

The best example of failed Republican leadership is the way Sen. Tom Coburn has been treated for his efforts to spend the taxpayers’ money in a manner consistent with the reason elected officials are in Washington. Sen. Coburn is a bright spot that is quickly dimmed by embarrassed and outraged “business as usual” representatives.

n “On the Bush Administration’s Use of Prewar Intelligence: I think it’s time to stop beating up on the professionals in the CIA. The fact is they did their job. They gave the intelligence to the White House. The White House didn’t want to use the intelligence.

The intelligence failures that got us into Iraq were not by large in the CIA, they were in the White House. They wouldn’t listen to what they were being told by the CIA.”

The Democrats may never stop whining about the fact they voted and agreed we should go to war with Iraq.

What we learned about the intelligence problems was the “wall” created by operatives from the previous administration. Bragging on the CIA may not be the best thing to do right now.

The CIA is under change and an internal fight between the people who do not want Bush in the presidency and those who want to protect the country. There are those folks in positions of importance that seem to be willing to violate their oaths and commitments to try and destroy President Bush.

Washington seems to have lots of folks whose loyalty is based on their political views and not their job of serving or protecting this country. The Bush administration did more than other administrations to fix the problems others created in the intelligence community.

The upcoming elections are important to each citizen of this country. If you agree with Dean, then vote for Democrats and watch the country go downhill. If you believe in the accomplishments of the Bush administration then vote for those conservative politicians that will better represent your views and needs than Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, Ted Kennedy and Howard Dean.

Watch as the elections get closer. See who is dangling the carrot on a stick. Watch and see who is telling you the same promises as before. Vote for conservatives who will protect our country and spend our tax money wisely.

Remember, it is up to us to see they get it right.

(Bob O’Bar can be e-mailed at rto4nmm@sbcglobal.net.)


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