The Party of the White Flag is on a rampage over Sam Alito being superbly qualified to sit as a Supreme Court Judge. They continue to regurgitate lies, urban legends and misinformation, and totally ignore the overwhelming endorsements about Judge Alito. Oddly, they, in direct conflict with the majority of American voters, seem to believe that Judge Alito will pollute the left leaning Supreme Court. But in the fall of 2000 when Gore and his thugs attempted to steal the election this essentially same Court handed down three decisions (Yes, three. The lying lefties always seem to forget to mention that tidbit) against that insanity. The liberals and the elite press labeled this same Court as rightwing sympathizers, Bush the Elder’s lackeys and on and on. It would appear then that Judge Alito is perfect.

Did you see any of the interrogations, oops, I mean confirmation hearings? Wow, talk about torture! If any of our servicemen treated a terrorist butcher the way Judge Alito was treated the loony left would be screaming accusations of torture. The questions were amazing. Actually there were only two or three questions repeated about 300 times each with personal attacks dovetailed into the Democratic tirade. Let me summarize the genre of the main theme of the Democrats questions: Judge Alito, are you now, or have you ever been, a member of any organization that has advocated the overthrow of Roe v. Wade?

The Cut-and-Run party’s current mantra is the Culture of Corruption. It’s really kind of cute for the Democrats to talk about corruption because they have had so many hands on experiences. When there is a roll call in the Senate or the House, Democrats aren’t sure whether to say “Here” or “Not Guilty”. Pelosi (D-Calif) and Schumer (D-NY) and how much they have been fined for misadventures. How about Leaky Leahy (D-Vt.) giving out classified information to the press that resulted in at least one assassination of one of our operatives. He didn’t just get the name Leaky, he earned it. Of course there is Hillary ([D-NY). Travel-gate, Whitewater-gate, 200+ “I don’t recall” responses under oath, campaign irregularities the latest of which earned her a pretty hefty fine. Not to mention her despicably racist and boorish plantation comments on Dr. King’s Birthday and her love in with Harry I-hate-America Belafonte. And you know what I mean. Byrd (D-W.V.), KKK Fleagle Emeritus who knows something about plantations didn’t comment. Of course there is the Kerry (D-Mass) five in Wisconsin on trail for vandalizing hundreds of Republican vehicles on the election eve. Some of the defendants were siblings of local Democrat capos. Four pled guilty so they would not have to testify against the national effort to disrupt the elections. I’m sure NPR covered these stories in detail.

The current “Culture of Corruption” celebrity is Jack Abramoff and, of course, the hypocrites are out in full force screaming that he is the treasurer of the GOP. The reality is that his “contributions” were truly one of the few bi-partisan efforts. The minority party seems to ignore the fact that 40 of 45 Democrat Senators (39 legitimate Democrats and one pseudo-Democrat hiding the Independent closet) have Abramoff’s money in their till. Forty of 45! For those honor graduates of schools owned and operated by the NEA, or one of its affiliates, that’s 89 percent. It’s the first time in years that the Democrats had a majority in anything.

One wonders why the Cut-and-Run Party has the same agenda as al Qaida.

Why isn’t the White Flag Party embarrassed when the latest oration from Osama is word for word from the talking points of the Democrats? He even used some of the same phrases that Kerry used in his continuing hate Bush tirades. Thank God George Bush is still our President.


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