“The art of war is simple enough. Find out where your enemy is. Get at him as soon as you can. Strike him as hard as you can, and keep moving.” Ulysses S. Grant (1822-85)

In spite of this quotation, the Democrats want to stop in the middle of this Iraq war. The Democrats want to turn this Iraq war into a mess. A mess too big to win. The Democrats have done more to complicate the war than they have ever done to support a winning approach. Once the war became a long haul, and American soldiers’ deaths were increasing, they lost their backbone. They also lost their memory with their backbone and blamed everything on President Bush. The Democrats’ loss of power has caused them to turn inside out with anguish. No target of their ire is out of bounds. They have attacked Black Republicans, Black conservatives and anyone that doesn’t agree with them. The Democrats almost became giddy when they thought Rove and Liddy would be indicted. They have continued to talk despairingly about the war and those that believe in the effort. Then, when one of them steps forward to call for withdrawal, the Republicans put up the idea for a vote. When called to vote up or down on the issue, the Democrats squealed like a pig under a fence. All the adjectives in the world were used to denigrate any and all Republicans.

Words mean things. Words convey feelings and ideas. All the words used by Democrats are heard by our troops. Our troops that are fighting this war. Our troops that are giving their lives so we can continue to enjoy our freedom. Once we get into a war, there should be no backing up, no cutting and running. But democrats want to cut and run. They want to pull out or have a designated date the troops will be home. How has anything the Democrats have done been supportive of the troops? Name one thing. Just one. Explain how clamoring to have a date certain for removal of troops is in any way encouraging to those in this battle. Make no mistake; we are in a fight to the death. If you think I’m exaggerating, recall the words of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, when he called for Israel to be “wiped off the map” and expressed the goal of witnessing a “world without America.” The Democrats have tried to down grade the urgency of the situation. We should be processing this war with the same urgency we did World War II. We should be supporting our troops with the same vigor we did our soldiers in World War II . The Democrats were the first to use the term “quagmire” and start comparing the Iraq war to Vietnam. The democrats have gone from bad to worse in portraying the Iraq war as one that cannot be won. How do you believe the troops receive such words and positions taken by the democrats? Would you want to be a troop or have a son or daughter in Iraq hearing such lack of support from home?

We should be encouraging our representatives and senators to provide unquestioned support of our troops and the war effort. We should insist that the war be prosecuted fully and quickly. We should insist that the war be given the urgency it deserves. We are in a fight to the death with radical Islamists. These radical Islamists truly believe in the goal of eliminating the United States. Their radicalism began growing over the past several years. We were being attacked but did not realize it was a war in progress until 9/11. Unless we realize how serious their threat is, we may have a repetition of 9/11. Other countries have seen how these radical Islamists have no regard for anyone, including those that take on the role of a martyr. I believe we are fortunate to have President Bush in office, refusing to bend to the pressure from the democrats and others. A man that has the belief and fortitude to not give up the fight. President Bush recognizes the call for a time line, would be “a recipe for disaster.”

Where would we be with the likes of John Kerry or Al Gore as our president? Kerry has spent his entire adult life complaining about the United States being at war. First it was Vietnam and now it is Iraq. President Clinton has now flipped his position. And where did he do this? In Dubai! This despicable act by President Clinton can do nothing to help the troops. The troops need to see and hear a single position of support. All the Democrat rhetoric is doing nothing to help, nothing to encourage our troops in harms way. In earlier times, crowds would have called them to account for their statements. The Republicans did the closest thing and called for an up or down vote. The vote helped identify the lunatic fringe, who all turned out to be Democrats!

Maybe Congress can now get busy providing the support for the troops they deserve. It has to be reassuring to the troops to see the outcome of the vote. Congress should work to see that the troops have all the equipment and ammunition they need to prosecute the war and train new troops. A renewal of urgency of purpose needs to be rekindled. A new recognition of the seriousness of this war should once again rise to the surface. The media will either start reporting the progress we are making in Iraq or will increase their negative reporting due to their friends, the Democrats, defeat. Once the Democrats understand we are not leaving Iraq until we have: 1) killed or imprisoned all the terrorists we can; 2) taught the Iraqis to do the same on their own; and 3) established an Iraqi democracy, then we should be able to jointly address the multitude of other problems facing the country. Hopefully, we can all agree to pray for our soldiers all over the world and for the leadership of our country. In God We Trust.

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