HOPE story

Samaritan Fund Drive

If you’ve been reading the page 1 stories written by James Coburn in the last few Saturday issues of The Edmond Sun, you’ve read about the importance of a place called HOPE.

Our local HOPE Center fulfills the needs of those who are experiencing a difficult time. The only way the HOPE Center can continue to fulfill those needs is by donations from area businesses and individuals.

The Edmond Sun’s Samaritan Fund Drive has this as its intention — to raise funds for this incredible service which helps out our own people at their time of need. 

Our community is blessed with great schools, a wealth of employers, and professional resources including services and retail. We have a high standard of living in Edmond filled with the arts and humanities providing a quality of life second to none in the state.

But we still have those who are having a difficult time. 

Maybe they lost their job and have struggled to find another one. Maybe their health became a problem which eroded their resources physically and financially. Maybe they struggled with drugs or alcohol and need a helping hand.

It doesn’t really matter why they are struggling. What matters is that those of us with plenty of resources share what we have. 

Please give to The Edmond Sun Samaritan Fund Drive. You’ll be helping out your neighbors and your community, and you’ll feel good about it.

(Editor's Note — Our senior reporter James Coburn is writing a personal column for Saturday's issue of The Edmond Sun which will conclude this year's Samaritan Fund Drive. If you haven't already, please donate to the HOPE Center.)