There are plenty of extremely intelligent and capable people in Washington, D.C., most of whom study the nation’s most difficult issues and try to find solutions.

That’s why it’s so mindboggling that Congress would, at this juncture, take up a pious stance in regards to a mass killing about 100 years ago. Congress’ action to label Turkey’s killing of 30,000 Armenians a “genocide” and to call on Turkey to finally recognize that dark chapter in its history is stunning. Turkey behaves most irrationally on this topic and is swift to deny anything of the sort ever happened.

Last week, Turkey massed 60,000 or more soldiers on the Iraq border in response to militant guerrilla assaults on its soil and the capture of at least eight Turkish soldiers. This region is ripe for an explosion with the United States caught in the middle.

That’s why provoking our ally, albeit a tenuous relationship with an Islamic government, seems so foolhardy.

Morally, no one should ignore nor deny genocide. But we question the timing of the Democratic-controlled Congress’ actions as the situation in Iraq continues to destabilize and we see other countries on the move in the region such as Russia and China.

You cannot tell us there was no one in Washington, D.C., who could not strategize and see several moves out what the most likely responses to this meaningless act by Congress might turn into.

If there was ever a good opportunity to block a bill by placing a senatorial hold on it, this one seems like the most likely candidate. It’s too bad no one stood up against the tide of politics to ensure America can do the most good it can do in this situation without the baggage of history bogging it down.

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