If someone does not believe in the strong Edmond community we have, then there is a chance they did not attend this year’s LibertyFest events.

Fellowship is what the community showed this last week. Often it is overlooked but seeing people from across the metro area come together was something that could not be missed.

Being one of the photographers for LibertyFest I saw young and old, along with all types of people coming together as one community to celebrate Edmond and the nation.

It did not matter if you had been volunteering for 20 years or it was your first time, you were welcomed by all to help showcase the great events of LibertyFest.

It takes hundreds of volunteers to put on LibertyFest and the youth of today stepped up to help with Taste of Edmond and many other events, while seasoned veterans would provide wisdom for them.

Children were giggling at every event with each other and having a great time.

Every person had a purpose at each event, whether it was displaying their car for all to see or orchestrating a community band. Fellowship would be the main theme at each event.

Cowgirls and cowboys would come together to showcase their talents with two nights of rodeo. It was the first rodeo for some spectators, but being involved with one another was evident.

This sharing with each other gave me a renewed sense of happiness when I saw hugs and random people meeting others for the first time. Everyone was there for each other.

These community events showcase what Edmond can do when it comes together to fellowship with one another. Now we must continue this tradition year after year and make this the best place to grow.