I recently had a great meeting and tour of the OKC Arts Council and their staff. I have been attending the yearly Festival of the Arts since the 1970s and was very interested in the Council’s work. I did not know much about their outreach before the visit. 

They aim to “connect the community to the arts,” with programs such as Art Moves, an hour of art performance around the downtown area on weekdays and first Saturdays. They also host “opening night,” a New Year’s Eve event in addition to the festival and other ventures. 

This was just one visit among several this summer, as I try to visit with a community organization weekly. I met Adam Luck, who serves on the State’s Pardon and Parole Board, at City Care Pershing Center. Adam gave me a tour of the Pershing Facility, to see the great work City Care does to aid those emerging from homelessness. I also enjoyed touring Pivot, a local non-profit that provides resources, food, and education to youth in need. 

In addition to organizations and non-profits, I like to explore local businesses. A great experience was touring the Pelco Manufacturing facility in Edmond. Besides a tour, I was able to see and learn about new technology for stoplights and street crossings, among many other impressive machines and products. I always appreciate chances to meet people, and to learn more about the community around me. This is something I enjoy teaching my kids, as my wife Toni and I love to frequent family-friendly events, places, even restaurants around the city with the kids. If you know of a place or business I should visit next, please contact me!

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