To The Editor:

As Edmond voters consider their school board candidates this election, they have, in my opinion, an easy choice. Since Kathleen Duncan has agreed to run for election to another term, she’s the best applicant for the job. I could list pages of reasons for my opinion on this, but, let’s look at three of the most important.

First, we won’t find a more conscientious advocate for our school kids. This is not a recently discovered commitment that boosts her election chances. This is an ingrained part of her personality. She’s been fighting for kids — hers and others — throughout her professional life; as a teacher, an administrator, a well-respected attorney and a trusted public servant. If fierce dedication to the welfare of our students is part of the job description, we can’t find a more qualified candidate.

Next, Duncan has never been the type of professional who “goes along just to get along.” While she does her best to see all reasonable sides of an issue, if she comes to a principled view something is wrong, she’ll say so even if important feathers get ruffled. It is well-known among her friends, colleagues and constituents that there’s a certainty in asking Duncan’s opinion. She can be trusted to “call it like she sees it” — even if it hurts.

Finally, Duncan is a superb steward of our money. Throughout her service on the Edmond Board of Education, she has been a tireless “watchdog” ensuring that we, as taxpayers are getting the best value for our dollars. But the Edmond Public School system is in long-term strengthened financial condition because Duncan has been on the job.

The most important attribute Duncan brings to her service is this: Whatever she puts her hand to, she does with all her might. Let’s keep Duncan working for us. If you’re in her district do the prudent thing, vote for Duncan for the Edmond School Board.

Michael W. Hinkle


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