Christmas charity should be year-round

To the Editor:

It is getting close to the holidays now and people are going to be donating items to the homeless shelters and our own Hope Center. That’s great, but shouldn’t we think of those less fortunate all year round? Why is it that we only think of their needs during the holiday season? I might only be a fifth grader, but it seems to me that people need shelter, food, a job and love all year round.

If every family in Edmond donated food and money throughout the year, maybe the less fortunate would have a better life, not just at Christmas but every month. If we could help people find jobs, they would be able to help themselves and begin to help others. When you are able to help someone else, you feel good about yourself.

— John Scott


Guest columnist wasn’t missed at all by writer

To the Editor:

Dennis Weigand, not all of your “fan club” has been anxiously awaiting your next liberal monologue. I personally have enjoyed the hiatus from your negative rhetoric on everything that President Bush does or says. I was hopeful that you might have extended your news sources past CBS and NPR.

The withdrawal of troops from Iraq has never been based on “elusive notions;” the President has been steadfast in his statement concerning this plan. What is so hard to understand about “the troops will stand down as the Iraqi troops are capable of standing up.”

This is not just a matter of giving thousands of Iraqi troops three months of basic training. This alone would result in a gang of thugs. You must have organization, a chain of command, equipment, infrastructure and their adaptation to a new way of life, after 30 years of suppression under Saddam.

The U.S. military has always had strict rules concerning cruel and inhumane treatment of POWs. The military follows the rules. What needs to be changed is the bias liberal media definition of torture. These terrorist are not the usual POWs. They are assassins without regard for human life. They kill women and children without consciousness. There is no gap between our POW policy and what is actually happening. These terrorists deserve worse.

The liberals are continually spinning and mis-representing the facts. The facts are, the President does have the inherent authority to conduct surveillance of international calls when the safety of our people and our country is at stake. To not do so would be a grievous act of incompetence. These terrorists have pledged the destruction of our country and are making plans to do just that.

I think that it would be a huge advantage to have some idea of these plans ahead of time. It would be asking for disaster to eliminate this type of intelligence.

The New York Times is a radical liberal newspaper. It is naive to say that they sat on this story for over a year in the interest of security! The release of the story was timed to deter and affect the voting on the Patriot Act. This could be called aiding the enemy.

We should all be thankful and thank God that George Bush is our President.

— Harold Young


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