Children need to know degrees of right and wrong if we want them to succeed

To the Editor:

Thou shall not kill. But is it OK for the military to drop a bomb on an innocent family’s house and kill every man, pregnant woman and child in that house? It is OK to for the state to put a criminal to death. But it is not OK for a woman to abort an unwanted pregnancy. No wonder teens turn to drugs: the rules don’t make sense, and they feel adults are dishonest.

When teens hear that drugs are dangerous and see friends using some drug with no immediate danger they question authority. When they are told there is no medical use for marijuana and then read on the Internet that there are many potential medical uses, the honesty issue sticks out like a sore thumb.

If we want our children to have a better life, maybe we adults need to discuss the degrees of right and wrong.

— Richard Prawdzienski


Tom Coburn’s idea to cut federal employee traveling a good one

To the Editor:

If you’re a government bureaucrat who has enjoyed the perks of national and international travel at taxpayer expense to attend a variety of “conferences,” you’re gonna hate Sen./Dr. Tom Coburn, Oklahoma Republican and obstetrician before the year is out.

I am told that Dr. Coburn is considering a number of amendments to appropriations bills this year to curb the globe-trotting practice on the taxpayers’ dime. I’m told that Sen. Coburn has already asked every department to provide the amounts spent on conferences annually over the past five years, with a breakdown of all the conferences supported and the number of staff who attended each.

The free ride is over. About time.

— Kent Ragsdale

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