To the Editor:

I had just crossed Broadway when my left real tire tread separated. I slowed, stopped and called AAA. I was in the process of telling them what I needed when Lt. Evans appeared at my window.

When I looked back I saw his car was stopped behind me with lights flashing. I told Lt. Evans I had AAA on the line and asking they come out to change my tire.

Lt. Evans asked if I had a spare and I told him a donut tire was in my trunk. He said he would change my tire for me if I wanted him to. I told him I would love for him to change my tire and told AAA a policeman would change my tire so cancelled my request to AAA.

I did not have a jack so he said he would get his jack and use it. I was so thrilled and thanked him. After he had my tire changed he asked where I would be going to get a new tire. I told him the closest place. He said Hibdon Tires on Danforth was closest. 

I said, “That is where I will go.”

He said, “I called a fellow officer to come escort you to Hibdon Tire.”

I could not have been happier. I saw the second police care with lights flashing pull up behind us. He walked up but I could not see his name tag so do not know his name, but he did a wonderful job of escorting me.

I have never heard that police officers gave this kind of service in Edmond, but I want to thank you and all involved to provide this wonderful service to people in Edmond!


Edna Williams

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