To the Editor:

Voting is usually not the first thing one plans to do on Feb. 14, but unless the Edmond voters west of Kelly and north of 15th (Northwest 164th), turn out in solid support of Kathleen Duncan, they risk losing the best school board member they’ve ever had. This would have a negative impact on all Edmond taxpayers, schools, teachers, parents and students.

Her oversight, diligent work and her vote on the board have been crucial to a multitude of important issues educational, societal, healthful and financial. In this difficult economy, it is the financial I’d like to emphasize here.

She fought against TIF — tax increment fincance district — which would have taken money from school funding to help develop the I-35 corridor. The corridor in question is being developed anyway now, but not at the expense of our schools.

Duncan takes the time to actually read contracts for vendors, architects and builders to check for things like accountability. She checks with the end users (teachers and students mostly) to see if what’s in the contract/building plans actually meets their needs. When she uncovers a shortcoming or misuse of funds, she relentlessly seeks to expose and correct the issue as though every dime spent was her own.

Employees, teachers, students and parents know they can trust Duncan to be their voice and take the consequential flack that comes her way.

Recently, her efforts helped bring about a district gift policy that will prevent those who can influence the granting of contracts from the appearance of, or actual taking of, kickbacks. This is just good sense. The spending of public money, requires the utmost supervision to prevent at best, the misuse of funds, and at worst, out and out graft. If you believe the board’s job is simply to hire the superintendent and then play dead, then you want her opponent; but if you are thankful to have a watchdog like Duncan looking out for our interests, get out and vote on Valentine’s Day!

M. Gresham


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