To the Editor,                            

The latest horrible mass murders of innocent people in El Paso, Texas, and in Dayton, Ohio, shows how inhumane and ungodly some Americans have become. Precious human life had no meaning to the shooters.   

Their goal was probably to kill and terrorize as many as they could, and they did, and are still doing it.

They obviously had no fear of God, Hell, nor the Lake of Fire. Or they were not educated about the Creator, and those places he prepared for the unrepented.

Because of past ungodly Supreme Court decisions, our education systems, have taken to teaching humanism in place of godly instructions to our children.

Now accountability to God and His moral laws is not taught in our schools and in many of our churches.  But God will always hold humanity accountable!   

Humanism has replaced God’s moral laws and guidance to the detriment of our beloved America.  

The result is America has turn against God and His Word. The Supreme Court’s so called “Separation of Church and State” decision and subsequent decisions have had disastrous consequences.

Instead of following God’s Laws, the Supreme Court has approved one abomination after the other and has embolden the wicked.      

Many seeking the presidency, claiming they want “to transform America” would actually bring the destruction of our country. They claim they are “progressive” but they are actually “regressive” and would starve the nation. Going back to horse and buggy is not progressive!

All the humans killing innocent humans reminds me of what will happen when Jesus, in Heaven, breaks the second seal on the book. By that time the world has gotten so wicked that God gives the rider of the red horse the “power” “to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another.”

How close we are to that, only God Almighty knows.            

Manuel Ybarra, Jr.