My last meeting as chairman of the BOCC was Aug. 28, concluding a productive first summer as a County Commissioner. Just two weeks after assuming the chair in May, Oklahoma County made history by voting to pass a Jail Trust. At the same meeting, Commissioner Maughan nominated me to serve as a trustee on the newly formed body. This was a monumental step towards criminal justice reform, one that has been demanded for decades. 

However, this was one of many highlights from our meetings. The first segment of my time as chair saw the end of the budget season. As chairman of the BOCC, I also was the chair of the Budget Board. We successfully passed our budget for the next fiscal year in June. We also received an excellent report on the state of the County from Larry Stein, county assessor. 

Aside from the usual business renewing contracts and agreements for the next fiscal year, the BOCC has made sure to distinguish important figures in the community throughout the last several months. In June, the county recognized “Navy Days” to honor those serving in the Navy and their families, a resolution brought forward by Commissioner Maughan. The Allied Arts giving campaign was recognized by the county assessor that same month. At our last August meeting, Tricia Everest was lauded for her leadership and work in the community. 

As this year has been my first as your county commissioner, my time as chair was densely filled with experience as I learned the ropes of business at the county. I am very happy with what we have accomplished and know this is the beginning of a great season for Oklahoma County. 

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