When Deer Creek’s coaching staff decided to move junior Evan Dymond from tight end to running back this year, they didn’t have to ask twice. Though Dymond still plays tight end on occasion, it’s not exactly the center of attention in a wishbone offense. Nowadays, he’s seeing a lot of action and that’s a good thing for the Antlers.

“I really like carrying the ball,” Dymond said. “I’m not the fastest guy on the field but I like to hit people and try to run them over. Sometimes you can get banged up but most of the time you’re the one doing the damage.”

Dymond has had a nice year thus far. He has 389 yards rushing and two scores. In fact, he gets to crack skulls on both sides of the ball. On defense, he plays outside linebacker and has 57 tackles, third most on the team.

“It’s great to get to play on both sides of the ball,” he said. “You have to be in shape for it and it can take a lot out of you but after awhile you get conditioned to it and it gets easier.”

One thing that hasn’t gotten easier for the Antlers this season is winning games, with just two so far this season. But DC is still in the playoff hunt. Theoretically they could win all three of their remaining games against Guymon, Elk City and Woodward.

“We’ve got the talent to get it done we just need to focus on these last games,” Dymond said. “We’ve had some luck go against us but we know what we need to do. We just need to make the plays we need to make and play smart football from here.”

When Dymond isn’t playing football, he actually holds down a part time job at Jamba Juice.

“It’s a pretty cool job,” he said. “We get a lot of girls that come in.”

Scouting the Tigers

Guymon shares a 1-3 district mark with Deer Creek. But the advantage here for the Tigers is they don’t have to travel to the far ends of the earth to play this game. The Antlers will make a nearly 340 mile journey to the panhandle Thursday. It is, to put it mildly, a trek and a long one at that.

When they arrive they’ll be greeted by quarterback Trevor Lutz who has 320 yards passing and three scores this year. Running back Grant Gibson is the leading rusher with 490 yards and eight touchdowns.

On defense, Brandy Buckhart leads all of 4A in stops with 122 and four sacks. Guymon has shown weaknesses in its rush defense this year which is good news for DC’s offensive bread and butter.

Antler tracks

n Stat watch: While Buckhart leads 4A in tackles, DC’s own Brent Nicholas isn’t far behind with 106 stops, a sack and an interception. Nicholas is on a pace to easily eclipse his tackle total from last year. Matt Monnett is second on the team with 63.

n Alumni: Former DC linebacker Tyler Tidwell, in his second year at the Naval Academy, has 25 tackles and six sacks in five games for the Middies.

n Next week: We’ll take a look at DC lineman Daniel Sewell.


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