District 2A-1
A Garfield County Court ruled Friday that Chisholm High School’s Damien Rieman is ineligible for future play, but the high school will not be required to vacate any previous wins this season. 
Rieman played six contests for Chisholm this year, the last being a four-interception game in a 10-point win over Luther High School last week. “The Enid News and Eagle” reported Thursday afternoon that District Judge Paul Woodward did not assess any forfeiture penalty to the school for any game that Rieman has played in this season. 
Also in the ruling was a provision that prohibits the Oklahoma Secondary Schools Athletic Association from pursuing any further penalties against the football program. 
“Subsequent to a court ruling today, a Chisholm student-athlete has been ruled ineligible until March 26, 2020. Included in the court ruling is a provision that prohibits the OSSAA from any further sanctions against Chisholm’s football program. As a result of the court ruling, current district 2A-1 football standings will remain unchanged,” the OSSAA said in a statement released Friday after the ruling. 
The unchanged district standings means Friday’s Oklahoma Christian School and Luther High School game is for second place in the district. The winner will host next week’s first round of the Class 2A playoffs; the loser will travel to Meeker High School for a first-round bout with the Bulldogs. 
If Chisholm was enforced a forfeiture penalty Friday’s contest would have been for first place in District 2A-1, with both teams having home field advantage locked up through the second weekend of November. 
The ruling differs from a previous ruling assessed by the OSSAA in 2009 to Jones High School. Then, Jones was forced to forfeit six wins after a player was ruled ineligible. The ruling saw Jones vacate five district wins, and it delayed the playoffs an entire week. 
Friday’s ruling was handed out by the Garfield County Courts, though. The OSSAA had previously ruled Rieman ineligible twice — once earlier this season and then again on Wednesday of this week. Previously, the Garfield County Courts ruled the student-athlete eligible in October before recanting and deeming him ineligible for contest Friday afternoon. 
Judge Woodward cited the earlier injuction in Friday’s ruling, according to the “Enid News and Eagle.” Assessing the fifth paragraph in the Oct. 4 ruling, Chisholm would ultimately face no further punishments aside from the loss of Rieman.

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