Gun season

Discharging of guns, including during deer season, is unlawful in the Edmond City limits.

Deer gun hunting season begins Saturday, and with that comes the annual restrictions and ordinances that help enable a safe hunting experience for residents of the city of Edmond. 

Edmond’s Casey Moore, the Marketing and Public Information director for the City, said that it is actually illegal to discharge a firearm within the city itself. That means though gun deer season opens today, it is unlawful to hunt with a firearm within the city. 

Moore said the city encourages residents to contact the police department should they hear of a firearm being discharged, even during deer season. 

The city does have some controlled hunting operations, but that happens on Lake Arcadia land and is only authorized by use of bow. Mainly used for population control, that’s the only sanctioned use of firearms and projectiles to deer hunt within the limits of the City of Edmond.

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