S'mauri Abram de-helmets a Crescent defender at the end of a run Friday night at Edmond North High School.

The Oklahoma Christian Academy Eagles suffered their first district loss Friday night after hosting the Crescent Tigers at Edmond North’s Huskies Stadium. 

The opening Academy drive almost immediately stalled out Friday night after the Eagles elected to receive the game’s first kickoff. After that, Crescent used a heavy dose of four- and six-gap power run plays. Playing behind their off-set power back, Crescent scored their first of 56 points. 

Academy tried to answer, though. The Eagle offense moved down towards North’s southern end zone, and they looked to threaten with a score of their own. But a backwards pass — more of a chutes and ladder’s style hand off — slipped through the hands of freshman Antone Prince. Crescent would recover the loose ball, march just south of 90 yards, and put another touchdown on the board. 

The Tigers missed their first extra-point, though, and Academy’s defense held when Crescent tried to make up the lost point on a two-point attempt, keeping the score early at 12-0. 

The two-point try was quickly of the past. Crescent had flirted with squib and pooch kicks throughout Friday’s first two send-offs. Academy held the first, and the Tigers were flagged for illegally touching the ball on the second go. Crescent recovered the third, though, ultimately setting up what would be their third touchdown in three drives. 

After that, all momentum was on the visiting side of the stadium.

The opening punch put Academy down by 18 before their third possession. They’d stall there, too, but Academy receiver Noah Bosley finally put the Eagles in the lights. Executing a stop-and-go fade, Bosley got his defender to bite on a hesitation move before easily two-handing a pass sent from S’Mauri Abram. Abram got the two-point conversion, too, finding Xavier Sayler on a quick out from the slot. 

But, Crescent kept up the pressure, finding paydirt twice more — and completing both two-point tries — to take a 34-8 advantage into halftime. 

Bosley and Abram scored again in the second half, though. The pair got the receiver open heading to the same corner of the same end zone in Friday’s third quarter, and Abram powered in the two-point conversion himself, but Crescent scored twice more in the third and once in the fourth to close things out 56-22.

Bosley added his third touchdown of the game as time expired, breaking through tackles en-route to a 90-yard score off a bubble-pass near the Crescent sideline. 

The loss is Academy’s second of the year, and their first defeat in district A-3 competition. Next week they’ll face the Minco Bulldogs for their second district game of the young season. 

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