Edmond Memorial's JV Seat led the Edmond Bulldogs in scoring with 18 points in their win against Trinity Christian in the Bruce Gray semifinals on Friday evening. 

Deer Creek girls sprint past out-rostered Sunrise Christian

The Deer Creek girls punished a seven-girl roster from Sunrise Christian Friday evening, moving one step closer to a repeat Bruce Gray Title after they defeated the Buffalos 63-52. 

Friday’s semifinals started fast for the Antlers — they hit four of their first five shots. In those were two 3-pointers — one each by Angel Scott and Skylar Vann — and then Bri Scott made good on a lay-in to clip Creek out to an 80% start. 

Sunrise kept up early, scoring a 3-pointer of their own to keep things within a single digit to start the second. 

But, with every second of game time ticking away, the well-conditioned, 15-person roster sitting in Deer Creek’s black hoodies were able to outleg the Buff’s roster that spouted less than half the same amount. 

At halftime Vann had 12 points already, and the Antlers’ lead was five. After the third, Creek’s advantage had swelled to 14. 

The weights were heaviest for Sunrise in that fourth quarter, where they wouldn’t make a single field attempt until a 3-pointer rattled in with 36 seconds left in Friday’s contest. 

Vann finished Friday with 25 points and eight rebounds. Angel Scott added another 12 points and nine boards, and Rylie Patterson had six. Bri Scott, Maddie Cooper, Brenna Burk and Jenna Marshall all had four points in the rout, too. 

Deer Creek made 21 of their 61 shots in the win, for a shooting clip of 41%. 

They’ll play in Saturday’s championship at 4 p.m.


Can’t miss Memorial treats Texas’s Trinity Christian

The Edmond Memorial Bulldogs emulated their hot start from Thursday’s initial rounds in Friday’s semifinal contest against Trinity Christian. 

Memorial’s JV Seat roared out of the gates with nine points in the first quarter alone, and CJ Campbell matched with five points in the first quarter, too. It gave the Bulldogs a six-point edge after the initial opening frame. 

They kept up the pressure throughout Friday’s contest, too. Memorial hit on nine of their first 11 2-point tries, while Jake Royal, Campbell, Keyshon Spotwood and Gabe Seat each cashed in on a 3-point make. 

On Thursday, Memorial at least cooled down; on Friday they stayed other-worldly. They’d make 25 of their 35 shots as team throughout the first- and second-string rosters. That included a 60% clip on the 3-point tries. 

Memorial was led ultimately by JV Seat. He’d finish with 18 points and six rebounds, and junior guard Sean Pedulla matched with 17 points of his own. Keyshon Spotwood (10) and CJ Campbell (12) each crested into double-digits, as Memorial would send four different athletes to 10 points or better in the 30-point win. 

Edmond Memorial, like the Deer Creek girls, now earn a chance at a title defense tomorrow night, where they’ll meet Midwest City in a pseudo-Bishop McGuinness Championship rematch in Deer Creek at 5:30 p.m.


Midwest City moves past Creek

A 20-point, 4-for-7 money-ball performance from senior Jerry Tullis wasn’t enough to lift the injured Deer Creek Antlers past Midwest City on Friday in the semifinals of Creek’s Bruce Gray Invitational Tournament. 

Tullis cashed in on seven of his 12 overall shots Friday night, but he was an outlier. Creek struggled to score the ball throughout the first three quarters Friday, only making three of their first 12 shots as a team. Two of those were from Tullis; The other was when Jaylen Todd scored the Antlers’ first non-goaltend make with 3:09 left in the first quarter. 

Creek finished 19-of-48 overall, making just four of their 17 attempted 3-pointers. At the half, while down 12 points, they were 5-of-23 overall. 

They made headway in the third, though. Using accurate passing from the interior, Creek was able to claw back within eight points to start the fourth. The high-low action caused havoc for MWC in the third, where Todd recorded a diving dunk, Da’Quon Brown powered through contact for a score and Tullis found two of his 3-balls on consecutive trips down the floor. 

But just as Deer Creek was making steam, Midwest City was matching. The Bombers poured in a 20-point fourth quarter frame, their best of the evening, and they’d take Friday’s semifinals by 12 points overall.

The Bomber outburst outset 11 points from Zack Smith. Twice he powered through contact to make buckets in the fourth, and he even netted one of the free-throws for a three-point play. 

Todd joined Tullis and Smith in double-digit points. Todd had 10 and seven influential rebounds, and Brown rounded scoring out for Deer Creek with five points. 

Deer Creek will play in Saturday’s third-place game at 2:30 p.m.

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